Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Trbovic


Some kind of a secret place with a nice
view. In the back - twin planets of war,
or piece, or love…


Great start mate…looking forward to more=)


Intresting concepts. Would love to see more :smiley:


hey nice concept drawings… cant really tell whats happening in those but i like teh second one… 1 planets bumpin into each other seems fun… keep it up buddy, m sure u’ll bake some cool CG cake for us :thumbsup: :bounce:


Hey Friends,

Thanks for checking in, it’s a real honor!!!
I missed you all, and your works!!!

Talk to you soon, over there in your threadz…



There’s some interesting depth in the second sketch. The big shapes on the left side are dramatic and seem huge.


i tend to agree on this one :bounce:


I definitely agree, alot of images usually lack the correct feeling of scale, but you did a nice job

I’ll be watching to see this one take shape


I lke the last one,killer look and the scale works.:bounce:


I love both: the 1st and 2nd Sketch… !


how are you?
nice to see you here, good luck on your way.
this sketch looks great while i still didn’t get it exactly. he he :slight_smile:


you are indeed capturing that big feeling


Interesting start… Sketch 1 and 3 get my vote :thumbsup:


wow ,colliding planets , now there’s a challenge !


The Shark vessel…eclipse in the back.


The lost scout…


The owners of the five planets - group photo. :smiley:
Supernova wipeout imminent…

Thank for viewing!!


I like your concept #6. I wouldn’t envy you having to model the people, though. I’m still getting my feet wet with people and have decided to work with spaceships for this one.

Good luck, I look forward to your progress with whatever concept you pick.


number #4 , nice colors and atmosphere!


Yeah, I’m going with the sketch #6 - group photo.
I’ll recompose and make it more wide.
Some elements from other sketches will be included, too.

It’s going to be fun!