Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Enrique Pittaluga Rubira


U can finish the challenge :slight_smile:
Good luck!


I tried to upload my final image but the resolution is above 1280x1024 so decided to submit tomorrow dinner time.


I had serious problems rendering and these
last 2 days where really difficult.

A few words about the challenge:

Personally was a good learning experience.
But also feel like I have a new pair of eyes
or brain upgrade.

A wonderfull experience in all aspects.

Read the storyline now.

Thanks to:

Ana Maria, Alfredo, bRuNuShky, Claireabella, emonimo, GaNNEl, greentek, nico,
overcontrast, plaguelord, SEL, sicksurfer, SnakeFarlow,taavi, tanguy, TATO.

And cgtalk in general specially to other challengers and the cgtalk crew.

Thanks for openning the door.


Congratulations Daniel on finishing a great piece of work. Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


:thumbsup: Hey buen trabajo, casi no puedo ni ver el final del concurso! Estaremos en contacto màs adelante… Ah por cierto: ahi tienes mi voto, lastima que no pude seguir en todo el proceso pero la imagen final esta genial.


Gracias camarada! :bounce:

See ya!



Good luck! Nice to see another Uruguayan in this challenge :).


Upss a little late to see each other entries.
Later I will check your entry.
Sorry but I get focused on the 3d challenge.

Well I don’t need luck I need a miracle. :smiley:

Anyway, thank you very much! :thumbsup:

No he tenido mucho tiempo de dedicarle a esto,
pero ahora me estoy acomodando los horarios para todos los días hacer algo.

Ayer aprendí nurbs, parecía muy complicado pero no lo era.

Nos vemos! :thumbsup:


Well that’s it.
Maybe I will never again enter a challenge but this one was a major pleasure.

Y por si no nos vemos…
Buenos días, buenas tardes y buenas noches.



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