Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Enrique Pittaluga Rubira


Hola! Hace rato que no venia! I got graduated from school and that’s why I didn’t show up in some time… Good work there! I like the model of the structure keep it up! :thumbsup: BTW: I’ll be around here more often!


These mountains will be seen far away with clouds around.
In the upper left of the mountains the “Guardian of the Universe” will come with their “personal” or “one crew” ships.

Ships also called “PRIM ERITAS”.

Please read the image comments.


Gracias por el comentario.
Una lástima que no puedas terminar tu trabajo. :shrug:
You’re welcome here! :slight_smile:

…and congratulations!!!:applause: :applause:


Prim Eritas(WIP)

This is my first ship and I simply don’t have plans about it just started the box and let everything go.

I think one ship of star wars inspired me but I am not certain about it :slight_smile:

The idea was to create a “nature ship”, a ship inspired in nature.

Maybe some of these creatures inspired me too:


Hi. Nice stuffs over here.

I like the shape of your first starship, you should add some details and it will look awsome, only take care with the proportions, i mean, i can see what i think is an weapon or something like that on the end of the ship, I don’t like it , it looks fake, the weapons should look like it were part of the ship, or show some mecanism attached to it. You should work harder in this detail.

And one last advice. That weapon driil, should have smaller drills inside the big drill, a very complex objecto but it will look more effective.

Hope this helps.


First of all, thanks!
Critics are very appreciated by me.
I modified the ship tip a couple of days ago, but I don’t post it because I am finishing the paint job, anyway it has no attachment parts and I think you’re right, I think it would be nice to attach it, anyway don’t expect an intrincated mechanism (or too much “realism”).
I changed the wings to look more “aggressive” too.

Well…I like it that way.
…maybe at the final composition we can think about it.

Thanks friend.


Prim Eritas texturized.

Hope you like it.


… it’s looking great! Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


Mountains YES, ship NO.


Thank you very much.
Your critics are very productive I sense you are an out of standing artist (good textures at your thread).

…btw, the mountains where too noisy at the image point.


I will try to finish in time.
There’s a lot people I liked his work out and I will do in their honor.


Guardians of the Universe lil ship.


Opss duplicated post.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Btw, your scene is looking very rich, I like the planet surface and background stars a lot.


The background scene where light was tested has only the main mountain and a minor one.

The entire mountains and the ship take near 6 hours to finish rendering.

I have a task_list of 20 to_do things in adittion of the other items and 2 more tunnel entrances.

Maybe another light will be added at the next render because its too dark and yes I know about the shadows.


And the kind of water I don’t know how to achieve it.

I am trying to create something between water and ground (barro) silver and green, brown, still pretty beta.

This one was for testing composition.


3 Quick Steps for this one.
… hope to see some textures! :slight_smile:


Added tricks to Mountains (100%)


I noticed that at this machine the image looks different due to brightness and contrast.


Can I finish this challenge?

That’s a mistery.