Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Enrique Pittaluga Rubira


Bigger one.


dude nice diggers… i dig it… great concepts… and dude what made u think i’ll believe if u say u cant draw and stuff… seems like ur one of those pros… keep it up mate :thumbsup:


models… models…

hope to see some texturing… :scream:

keep nice work up and cheers…


Overcontrast, Clariabella, Gannei:

Thanks really, a lot!


good progress, I hope to see that weapon textured and in action soon!

buena suerte!


I am new at everything and textures don’t seem to be easy.
These don’t come soon definitively.


I am not suposed to submit this today because it is a little early and the model is WIP.


Hey… what was that?? hahah is a joke well this looks interesting I want to see more progrest … GO GO GO !!! come on put all this stuff up and show us what you can do brother !!!


Power Generators Textures

Well I don’t like the “green” middle entrance thing, probably I will re design it, anyway it does not has textures.


Hmmmm - I agree with you on the green thing there brother. Perhaps a retexture might help it. I like your work bec it reminds me of computer components. Cool!


The green stuff has been replaced with another one.

Now I feel fine about it.

…Still WIP…


I have learned a lot these days, and spending some time at 3d stuff feels really good.

I know these power generators are too small to have this detail level, but I need to start somewhere !? :slight_smile:

Thanks to Jose for the cam and to my dog for the other thing.


Looking good at the moment, but I think you should work more on the lighting … the image is too flat, there are no shadows … try to make a more global light …:slight_smile:

Good luck!!


Hi Daniel. Am glad to know I’m not the only one who is learning things as I go along… your stuff looks great so far and the texturing is coming along nicely. Keep going and I look forward to see more! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Still WIP but close to final.

It tooks lotta time but feels ok after all.


Hope you like the new stuff with global ilumination.
Your amazing ships bring me inspiration with my very next item. :slight_smile:

Thanks again! :thumbsup:


You are so nice!

These days I haven’t enough time to check the forum.
But now I’m back to see your stuff too. :eek:

The Exlifs requested me If they can go to your planet Claire. :shrug:

You know… these beings enjoy going to beautifull places. :smiley:

See ya.-


but i am agree with EMONIMO, your shoots are to flat.
I know they are test maps, but texture are nothing without Lightning man…
See later your work !
Bye, good luck.


sweet dude…seems like uve got a lot of works here… very cool looking models and nice start on the textureing… keep up the good works mate… btw i dont really like that blue thing in ur structure of the last update… i suggest u change the color or soemthing… anwyays keep rockin… cya



Thanks, I will be working on that, but you know… even “rendering region” takes a looong time! :slight_smile:


I am fixing this too, now I have another model because I feel nothing about the blue one, it looked good at first, but now I agree with you.
With the new one I have reasons to leave it that way (hehe, this does not means you will like it).
The post will come soon with some light updates.

And man, tell santa I want NO gifts this year!