Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dan Filip Radu


Dan Filip Radu has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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OK, I finally decided upon the colour scheme and everything.
The contest made me do one of my best 3D works, and I would like to thank to CGTalk staff for that event !

Good luck !


I’m a little bit late :slight_smile:
but better later then never.

My idea beyond my sketch:

  • a now day city (with some futuristic tints) faces the attack of an unknown civilization.
  • the alien spaceship’s collide in 3 parts of the city.
  • the shockwaves creates rumble, dust, smoke, chaos and lack of electricity – no more lights

The city looks like a skyscrapers graveyard and the only lights are from the falic ships.

The image is historical!


That’s a basic 3D / modeling / compositing test - very usefull to get the right balance between my elements.


you are a brave soul…entering in at this point in the game…but you are already at work on a final image… :thumbsup: …that just goes to show that it is the ART that counts,!!


I created a dome and I textured with a gradient to get the color of the sunset. Some colors from the gradient have procedural clouds.
The skyscrapers & alien crafts are made by basic polygon shapes.
I never work into the classical workflow modeling, then texturing, and then lighting. I do that because I believe the LIGHTING is the most important and texturing & modeling are strongly connected. Sometimes what you can do with modeling (time consuming) could be made by texturing and the opposite.


That’s a close-up of the main crater and the rubble… I’ve spent about 3 hours with the textures in Photoshop and another 5 with the modelling and texturing.

Later I will add more “objects” (rubble, garbage). Later I plan to put some smoke & flames and to fake the caustics.


I like the perspective, though it makes it a little difficult to see what’s going on. A little more detail in the ground will definetly help.


Thanks for your feedback… I believe the lights I’m going to put there for the caustics simulation will do the job.


As I said the best way to make sure everyting is going well and your final result will be precise without haveing last minute surprises is to go 2 steps forward - rendering + compositing at the final resolution.


That’s just a detail from my whole scene… after I renderit 10~20 layers with buildings and smoke, I finally sit and relaxed in front of Photoshop and I start the color correction.

I’m happy with the result so far - I will work for the rest of the 7 hours.
I’m planning to change a little bit the textures that I’ve used for the spaceships.


I’m playing with the lighting now and with all the layers… in compositing sometime I have to create fake shadows for the smoke, or light the whole thing with a fog of light…

Also I’m experimenting different types of color-corrections and contrasts for different areas of the image.


OK, I finally decided upon the colour scheme and everything.
The contest made me do one of my best 3D works, and I would like to thank to CGTalk staff for that event !

Good luck !


How come theres not much reply??? Anyway i think this piece rocks! I like it alot!! :thumbsup:


Hello, Tzktime !
It will soon… I just finish it.
Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:

That contest and especially the theme give me the opportunity to express myself both artistic and technical.
I work as a motion-designer and sometimes as a compositor…


Yes it was a challenge ! I think I consumed around 15 energy drinks in less then 72 hours :slight_smile: - on the other hand outside are -40C. Ones of the hardests and in the same time cooles days in my life.

I was working around 8~12 hours / day, I didn’t follow the classical workflow - modeling / texturing/ lighting/ rendereing etc… I ussualy go with all of them together to get a better view for the whole thing.


Now this is a great entry! Perfect lighting which emphasizes the mood and the spirit of the picture. Good colors also. I wish you best and good luck! And see you on the next challenge of course!


… an awesome picture! Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


Wow you was really fast and your image is really interesting, i love this city and the POV… :thumbsup:



Hello Philipstudios, thank you for visiting my thread!
Good composition and POV too… maybe a bit too dark for me, but great job anyway.
Good luck.


The best parts are the perspective and the lighting. The fact that you finished it in four days with such detail says a lot. Keep it up. See you on the flipside…