Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dan Cormick


Using mental ray displacement. I’m pretty happy with how well the displacement worked. The textures need some work though.


here are the diffuse and displacement textures for the background hills.


I’m pretty happy about the result with this. It worked unexpectedly well. The difuse texture is actually a photo of tree bark with minor touch ups.


I started out painting the sky by hand but wasn’t happy with it. My girlfriend (photoshop wiz) suggest overlaying some photos of clouds, that way I was able to keep the basic direction/dynamic, of what I has started with.


just messing around. procrastinating…


well, this is where it’s at at the moment. still have lots to do. there’s plenty i’m not real happy with but I’m just happy to be submiting something at all. I think it needs more contrast, expecially in the foreground ship. The lighting is very inconsistent…i’ve learnt a lot there :slight_smile: I still have a lot to do so I’d better get going.


And that is what I call a quick work:) I would add some motion blur to the big dude and more ships.


Hi, i like the concept, and i like particulary your character, the wings are very nice, good work, and good luck for the end


Very nice work! To bad you had to post it all at once - it would have been nice to follow.

One small comment, the placement of the little ship covering the non-existent genitalia sort of draws the attention. My first thought where that you are covering the area up to aviod embarassment from some people - the second was that perhaps the plane was targeting the genitalia for an extra painful attac.
Maybe that’s not what you had in mind?

The scene and concept is really good - I’m glad I found it, good luck! :thumbsup:


Well, here it is. My final image. Again, my appologies for lack of participation. I literally spent every spare moment I had working on this.
Anyway, I’m tired to it’s time to sleep.

Good luck to everyone!


Hi MDN67, Thanks for the positive comments. And good luck with your entry.


hey that’s a pretty fun image ! good work!


Hi Gunilla, Thanks for your comments. It is a shame to have posted all at once. I think I must be very bad at time managment :slight_smile:
I have taken into account your suggestion and have shifted the ship further across. My intention was not to avoid embarassment but rather to make the creature somewhat gender non-specific. Although it is strongly masculine in it’s features I guess. There were probably other solutions I could have explored but in the end I ran out of time.
Thanks, and all the best with your entry.


dude, that’s a rockin’ illo!
love the specular highlites on the wings see though bits and the little bug ships with cool green gas. Pollution…ah!
The rock formation in foreground is very stylised and groovy.

Nice one. :applause: :thumbsup: :applause:
When do we vote?


Thanks golly :slight_smile:
I have to say that your nick grosses me out. Golly. like as in ‘I hocked up a big golly’ :slight_smile: But I’m sure that’s not what it means.
Cheers for ya comments. And really nice work on your Karma Sutra, Bed of Nails piece. (sorry, forgotten what the title is) it’s great stuff.


or for the less sick-of-mind :slight_smile: it can be interpreted as an expression of exclamation.
or a wooly haired doll of non-political correctness.

whatever you need.


Nice one mate, and unlike me you actually finished. It’s a great image - genitalia or not - although i still think well-modelled genitals woud’ve gotten you some brownie points from the judges. The composition works well, as do the little details, like the tears in the wings etc. The specular on the wing is particularly purdy…

With so many serious or literal imterpretations, its refreshing to see a less seriousl take on the challenge. great stuff dan



thanks for such kind words grant.
yeah, it was a big achievment for me to get an entry submitted. I think if I enter a future challenge I will try and participate more so I can get more critiques as i work. Although I don’t know if I will do anymore challenges. 3 months may seem like enough time but with full time work it can be draining and I think i’d rather do things at my own pace…having said that though I probably would never have finished this piece without the deadline. Who knows. I guess it depends on the subject matter of the next challenge. If it’s something other then a sci-fi theme I may very well enter again. And it would be great to see an entry from yourself next time 'round.

anyway, till next time. :slight_smile:


Hey Stupendoh

You, like, totally HAVE to enter the next one. :bounce:
Wanna see progress posts and more more more.

This one was a ripper start, but I know there’s more in yer.


Heya golly,

thanks for the encouragement. I’ll need it if I decide to do another challenge :slight_smile: Encouragement and BEER. yeah. actually, forget about the encouragement, let’s just stick with the beer.
Are we going to see an entry from you in the future? I have no doubt it would be nothing short of stunning.