Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Damon Mangrum


Damon Mangrum has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: earthlink on earth

earthlink finished

textures still need to be done
and special fx

i havent ben updating for a while cause i was having some computer problems and internet


concept of 2 planet attached by and artificial structure.

the stucture was built from the biggest planet and attached to its moon.


there will be floating citys around the structure and big citys on the struture its self
and citys that can be seen from space on the plantets along with there roads


citys that will be on the structure and in the floating citys in space
the city is in a bubble and is hold still by mechanique legs


wow what a cool concept. I can only imagine the size of the thing looking at it from the ground. Talk about a tower of Babel…hehe


textured of the citys that will be on the structure.
i dint work hard on this sence its gona be so small in the render at the end…


the concept looks very very original, I’ll follow the Earthlink progress :thumbsup:


thanks man:D

next im going to draw the floating citys around the structure and the ships.


same as above but with no texture


Very interesting, I like the sound of this idea!

Your designs are lookin’ really good too.:slight_smile:


here are concepts of the floating cities on the left,
the ball on the right its a gravity ball
it holds all the floating buildings together so they don just fly out of space


the top ship is the main battle crusier ship, and the bottom is a ship containing civilians…


a quick render of the planet. its acctually earth but its so far in the futur that the planet changed alot
the nations had to connect there moon for there own reasons…
for this they needed a huge ground that wasint there naturally.
so they had to lift some ground out of the water.this cost alot of money, not alot of people died during the constuction suprisingly.
it took 57 years to build it…
some materials of the structure was taken from the neighbor planets, the ressources where just not enough on earth.

hope u like my story…
anyways im working on the little cities that will be seen from space on the planets…


earth render looks very good. was it just painted in photoshop?


no i got the image off the internet and adjusted them and stuff in photoshop
it still needs to have the cities seen from space on it.


earth with the cities that can be see from space


That’s a great concept. I think you might change the shoreline to America a bit on the planet so it’s visible different from today but still somewhat recognizable.


You might also try to get rid of the clouds on the terrain map and try to make diferent layers of clouds to add some realism to the planet. Do not forget the atmosphere!


ya i know im going to make the clouds kind of go around the terrain where te structure will be

im gona change america for sure and put more cloud layers


here is a quick model of the earthlink

im not really satisfied with this and
im gona make it alot more detailed