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D. Grant Ebel has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: continued

some more work on the environment. realized that the pyramid perspect had gotten too small, working on fixing that.


(Apologies for daring to “compete” - I just want to join in. All help much appreciated!)

I have (slightly better) pencil sketches but my scanner isn’t working and I just have MS Paint installed on this machine. Cough. I hope this will suffice to show the concept at least.

It’s from a story to which I only ever managed to write the prelude. The story-line is drawn from Revelation 21, 2nd last chapter of the Bible (As any hypothetical copyright on the Bible’s story-line would have expired long ago, I should be safe from lawyers at least!)

The battle-city of New Jerusalem is making a low pass over Earth, and The Host (or army) of Heaven is starting the initial engagement of the final war. (The story didn’t have any marauding angels :wink: ) The dust-motes in beams are people - not sure if I’ll be able to pull off discernable human figures or not.


Welcome to the challenge. You’ve definately got a unique idea there. It’ll be cool to see how it all plays out. Good luck to you. :thumbsup:


hola bienvenid@
sabes tu intension esta buena:eek: como concepto , pero le falta mas manejo del software :scream:


Thanks Matt & SkyDream (if Google understood your comment correctly :wink: )

The Apocalypse has certainly been over-done but its certainly the oldest, biggest and well-known epic battles in Western culture (I was going to say literature, but of course, its not a Western book!). Nothing bigger than the end of time itself!

SkyDream, Google didn’t give a clear translation. If you were saying I need some good software, I have Blender 3D and Microsoft Paint - I do hope you can tell which is which!

And more likely, if it was a comment about me learning how to handle my software better, I certainly do hope to improve! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Haven’t had time to work on it much.
Removed the red-tinted sun and liked it better than the gold-coloured pyramid, made this colour-scheme, tried another with fog & cloud background but the background got rendered on the fog. Interesting but not what I was looking for. Realized the beams should probably be coming from the portals. Need to work on bump-map for the city, too flat. The edge of the city should end up being a rainbow-coloured plasma, with clouds rolling to the sides.
Still working on the ground ideas. Might take the viewpoint off the ground, just city below, show more perspective. Probably will try a couple shots to see how it looks.
One friend suggested a desert on one side, and a richly decorative tropical city on the other. A departure from my plans, but sounds like an interesting version - probably beyond my abilities to pull off tho.


Hmmm … I don’t know about the new coloring. In my mind, it’s gone from “Potential doom” to “Intergalactic Circus is in town!” Although alien clowns have never been a good thing. shudders clowns. :twisted: Anyway, I’m sure any way you take it, it’ll end up good. Still looking forward to the end product. And there’s nothing wrong with departing from the original concept. Mine’s changed so much, it’s barely related to the original idea at all. It’s all part of the artistic process. :arteest:


Hmm. One likes the colouring (not posted) and one doesn’t. The red colouring WAS supposed to be inspire feelings of doom, you’re right, not quite the same, is it? (Whats the matter, Matt - alien clowns TOO scary enough for you? :slight_smile: )

It is supposed to be a defeat - nothing says it has to be a defeat of the “good guys” though, so a “hopeful” air could be good too.


Ah. True, true. I gotcha now. Amazing how looking at it from one perspective gets you one response and from another, a totally different one. Now I like it. Btw, clowns are still evil.


My computer crashed and burned (actual sparks and bad smells) and I couldn’t find the backups I thought I had. And then it was Christmas holidays.

But I found it, and decided to give it a try and get close to finishing at least. I found out about “grebbling” and used some of that on the buildings, a few other things.

Some of you guys make me sick… how do you churn out stuff that makes my jaw smack the floor?! :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hey. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Yeah, when you let all that smoke out of the electronics, they don’t work any more. It’s the strangest thing. :shrug: Glad you’re back up and running though. I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to looking at the others. But it’s fun seeing these ideas grow.


some more work on the environment. realized that the pyramid perspect had gotten too small, working on fixing that.


Oh well, didn’t get it done in time. Maybe next time. But I wanted to keep working on it, so…


Great that you’re doing it! I’m realy happy to see that people don’t give up just because they didn’t manage to do it on time. I hope to see you on the next challenge ,and to see your work finished soon. Good luck!


I agree with arturro. Glad to see that you’re still going to finish it; at least you tried to finish it by deadline.
Hope to see you enter the next Challenge.


Thanks for the encouragement guys. Can you offer me any further suggestions? I’m not sure what I should work on next.

What’s most in need of improvement?


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