Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Corrie Engelbrecht


Corrie Engelbrecht has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: NON YET

This is the angle I’m thinking of maybe for the final shot.I want to put some ships on the landing platform getting shot at with troops running out of them firing ,more ships in the background and so on.


o.k. dont laugh to laod at this.

As you can see i cant paint to save my life-only started to learn how to paint.

my one friend say it looks like a sketch a 5 year old made in hospital.
Maybe he is right.

Any way its just a concept,just trying to get a feel for what i whant to do.
i just had a nuther idea that i whant to explore a bit tonight.

This time i will do it the old fashioned way ,with a pencil -maybe will try using the tablet again just black and white sketching.


This is a different idea that i have for a posible composition.

I was thinking of having all these elements in it but maybe changing the position of the camera so to see all from a different angle.


Ahhh another new member taking on their first challenge! good to see. I hope that you finish your idea, it looks like it has promise. One thing that I could suggest is that there is loads going on in your second sketch and this could take a long time to produce (let alone render!), maybe concentrating on one aspect would be a good idea to start? The walking robot chacters look very cool, reminisant of Robocop 2 - ed209 (worth looking at for inspiration)?? Either way, keep it going and good luck!!


I’m going to do it in stages- the bridge scene in the forground and the fighter
the city and some more fighters in the middle ground and the bigger battle ships more in the distence.The horizen and the two planet in the background.

Then composite it all together.


Here are some pics of the early stage of the bridge.




This is more to the angle of my concept to just get a feel for it.

But i might change my camera angle later on.I also want to maybe use it in the distance in the city here and there.


Looks good so far.

Are going to add surface details to the bridge, or is it just sheet metal?


Im going to add more detailes at a later stage once i have all the elements modelled so i can do a quick composition of the hole scene.Then i will ad more detailes where necisiry-no use modeling every nut and bolt on a cruiser 5 miles away now is there.Defenitly going to put more detail on the bridge.

Will give the floor surface some tread or something-by using a texture- to early to tell realy cos I have not desided on colors and materials yet.

Thanks for the reply.


lookin good … and sounds like smart planning going on

lookin forward to seein this grow some …walkers are always cool and welcome to the boards


This is an idea for the storm trooper type figures coming out of the tower on the bridge. Sort of a bio mechanical race.It is very rough , i don’t like to put to much details in the sketch because when i start to model ,the model depics the end result.
Just go where ever it takes me.


This is another trooper type, but i will make him more mechanical when modeling and change the horns to fitt more with the other ones head.


Hey SONIC-X, nice bridge model and concept sketches, you have good modeling skills. I am curious to know the story behind it.
Keep going:thumbsup:


Sonic-x ,
I agree with your quote here 100% , anyways your model of the bridge is looking good. So are your character sketches. One thought, the tower on the bridge to me suggest a non robot type race, were they once ruled by living creatures , are the living creatures long dead or moved away for some reason.
Looking good so far.

My space opera entry.


I stil have to come up with a story and title so I can deside what details to add to the building to make every thing fit in beter and into the story.


Well I’m back in business and there is still anough time left for me to finish this.

I have done some more modeling so here it is.


Here is the first




This is the angle I’m thinking of maybe for the final shot.I want to put some ships on the landing platform getting shot at with troops running out of them firing ,more ships in the background and so on.