Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Constanza Sorolla


Constanza Sorolla has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: water

I thought this was a mistake, but I asked people and told me it was better than the other water texture…


Es un planeta “hueco” jaja, con una civilización dentro de el, con estalactitas y todo


valga la redundancia, otro punto de vista


This sight shows a first aproach of the inside of the planet


another view, it´s always best to look thing from multiple sides


Just for fun an atractive image…


This planet has his civilization inside


Another angle, showing pipes and general lateral side


A very agressive planet, chained for precausion.


small planet attacked by the bigger one. Distroyed, spills rays of light


full description of the galaxie battle. Battle due to conflicts between planets.


It looks a very original idea, I like the pipes on the back of the planet. IMO, the city inside the planet is too big, imagine the billions of buildings you can put on the planet surface, I guess its the same for the inside. With that size of buildings, the planet looks like he has only 1km radius.

buena suerte


Your work is quite different from what i have seen so far, keep it up!

Personally, I always go for realism, so if this wouldnt have been a sci fi challenge, I would have said that those shapes arent realistic, but heck, realism might be a disadvantage in this challenge.

Good luck and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comments on my work, i´m sorry for not writting before but the year is ending for me and my exames take a lot of work and time. About the realism of the work I must say that it might be true but i´m just starting 3d modeling. I must say that is very cool that you posted me comments, made me feel as I was a great modeling pro, jajajajaja…

That´s al for now…gotta go… :buttrock: :applause:


I like this one! Fun and unique concept - keep going:thumbsup:


bien en general…
Cuidado con lo que prometes…
la imagen es muy seductora, Como se van a unir?
Cual es el contexto de tu escena?
Habra naves, personajes, o algun mayor detalle por desarrollar?
Bien en general, aun que diria que un 10% del total del trabajo esperado…

Pd: Toma en cuenta los comentarios que te dicen… creo que con un buen trabajo de texturas puedes hacer algo realmente notable!
:thumbsup: :applause: :applause: :applause:


although it has a bit of lights is not ready yet, this is just the presentation for the big planet texture


Not really sure about the color cof the caustics of the small planet…working on it…the type of water is also in process by the way.


In my opinion this color is the best for the small planet.


I thought this was a mistake, but I asked people and told me it was better than the other water texture…