Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Cláudio Jordão


I think this last render is even better than the previous! The brightening of the statue ( I know what it is now :slight_smile: ) did a lot. I second the idea of making this into an animation - to start with the empty sea at dawn and see the cross grow closer and then suddenly - be inside the structure … whoa! Would that be stunning or what?
Lemogs suggestions on great waves is good - like as the force is pushing the water aside… when is the next update? :bounce:


Very intense,very vibrant,and it should be,the message is a strong one,and the symbol should be as well.I think this is the perfect way of getting this message across Claudio…I like the scope and range,and the drama is on a high level…I was thinking that “Possibly” now just possibly :wink: you could have the sea underneath the great object be calm,very still,a calm passive sea,this could show even more so the power of your object,how it controls all…And just beyond the objects shadow or boundaries the sea could be much more wild,very chaotic…Ok,just a thought…very interesting,out of the box thinking,real nice going Claudio,keep at it,it’s coming along real well…:arteest:


maaaan ur works r just one of a kind… the more i c it the more amazed i become… i got a little crit this tym… some blocks of the main subject seems too hard edged… it makes it look low poly… u may want to smoth them out… it would add detail and it would looks good in higher resolution… btw great work man… i’ll stuck my eyes on this thread…>! :thumbsup:



Super work mate, I really, really love your last entry… the water loks “that” much better with the added turbulence and the trees on the “Almada” side really work… simple but effective :thumbsup:.

I also like the textures in the cross, mainly in the lit areas, but I find the red area ones a bit blurred or blotched…mmm… maybe it’s just me…

But your image is really coming together beautifully, and it has a grand sense of mystique and awe… however, in my opinion, the cross is still too big! I really think you could scale it a bit down, so you could have a clear silhouette of the bridge and a liitle more sky on the top portion…

And I also agree with Joana when she says that it’s missing a more defined skyline… it doesn’t have to have clouds or patches of clear sky, the fog works great, but you shoud consider some type of gradient effect on it, it’s too homogenous as it is imho… and perhaps just a feeew little cloud mass here and there… just to break it up a little…

Otherwise I am very impressed! Keep it up mate! :bounce:

Um abraço


Everytime I see the cross it amazes me… a truely mind boggling model! It’s insane!! I love it!

The latest compositional updates rock. No crits. here.


Hello guys, I’m sorry for not being able to post any updates in the last days, but I’ve been kind of busy with some other projects.
However I feel I must thank you for your great suggestions and support:

Lemog, I appreciate very much your critic about the turbulence, I totally agree with that… it really makes sence! However, and taking in consideration the excelent suggestion of Virtuoso:
“… you could have the sea underneath the great object be calm,very still,a calm passive sea,this could show even more so the power of your object,how it controls all…And just beyond the objects shadow or boundaries the sea could be much more wild,very chaotic…”.
I’m kind of undecided about the intensity of that turbulence! I have to think a bit more about that! Thank you very much.

Gunilla, I’m really glad you like the idea of making a movie about this, I’m surely going to need all the support for it because this scene is only 1% of the all idea :slight_smile:
Maybe I can have the movie finished before D.Sebastião really returns! :slight_smile: Thanks friend.

Virtuoso, thank you very much man… great suggestion, just great!

overcontrast, I like the simplicty of those blocks, but you are problably right:
“… some blocks of the main subject seems too hard edged… it makes it look low poly…”.
Yeah… I’m still playing around with some textures that might add some details to those blocks, maybe you could suggest something then! Thanks mate.

Rui, I’m glad you liked my solution for Almada :slight_smile:
I want to keep the size of the cross, however I’ve made a little change to it… I’ve scaled down all of those elements 80% their size… and I think it works!
I’ll be waiting for your feed back. Obrigado amigo.

Stevetwist, insane is good, right??? Thank you very much my friend!

I hope to have time to post an update soon.
Thanks once again guys, you are the best!


Hello… I’m back :slight_smile:
I’ve made some re-texturing in the Cross.
I’ve also made some adjustments in the water, but I’m still not happy with it.
Critics… bring them on!


Very interesting stuff you have going here. I simply love the stylizing on this. It has an ambiance about it which is very appealing to the eye. I hope you have enough time to work more on this because my attention has been grabbed.


Hey Cláudioooo!

Great entry mate! Your finest to date imho… I just love the reworked cross design!!! Don’t tweak it more or you’ll spoil it :thumbsup: :drool:

Ok, now the crits… I think you overused the fog effect, you can barely see the “Almada” side, and the Christ statue seems like it’s floating on air… I’d suggest that you create a more dense fog close to the water, becoming thiner along the slope so that you’ll have a more defined landmass without loosing the “mistyc” feel…

I also think the lens flares on the croos look too sharp and the light effect on the bridge has too much contrast…

And you could also vary the scale of the foam noise on the waves… mix 2 or 3 different scales for that “chaotic” natural flavour…

Other than that I really think it’s a powerful and stylish image! Congratulations… I mean it!!!:applause: :applause: :applause:

Um abraço!


Looking really really awesome! Stunning! Only crit is the statue, I have to agree with Rui_Padinha, it does look like it’s floating in mid air - I think either the landscape is too foggy, or the statue is too brightly lit - not sure.

The rest is just amazing though - the cross is really great!


Globaly… that’s perfect for me… and I like so much… all !

just one detail seem for me a bit worse… it’s the gate… it seem a little as a toy… I don’t know exactly what you must do, but now, this detail appear to me more visible…
Maybe because it was less defromed by th focal than the rest…

But it’s yet a great artwork… I love in first the originality and the idea… I vote :thumbsup:


Looks real vibrant,alive,an intense piece…What dont you feel right about this Claudio…The adjustments to the water? or something else?..Let me know,maybe I can give you a extra set of eyes…Anyways,I like this stylish unique piece/entry alot…:arteest: :arteest:


interesting concept dude

it’s almost abstract and religeous too, excellent!:scream:


i dont really understand your concept…but what i do understand is that this looks beautiful and with lots of quality very cool composition!:applause:


Ooh Ooh give me, give me. I want your eyes… lol they are detachable right… mine don’t see red… I could use yours :wink:

Anyway, I really hope you update this piece sometime soon, I really like it!


Your last update looks so good… when can we expect the next one? It’s almost completed now, right? This is such a stunning piece - I wish you the best of luck in completing it:thumbsup:


Hello. Thanks a lot for all your comments and critics guys, you are really the best!
I’ve been very very busy with some other things… however, I think that this “time-out” gave me the chance to think a bit better in the structure of my image. I hope you like it!


Here’s a “clean” and bigger version of the last post.


Hi claudio_jordao

Your image is progressing nicely, its impressive my only comment is that the large
crucifix might overshadow the complete image at the end,
its a good idea to divide the composition in proportion.

all the best Paul Patina!

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Hello guys, just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
Take these few days to relax a bit… if you can! I now I will :thumbsup: