Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Cláudio Jordão


Texturing the sea and the concrete bases of the bridge.


Marvelous! :bounce: Keep them coming!

Only one thing: seems that the reflection on the sea (left side) is coming from nowhere… :shrug:


Looking awesome - truley amazing!

I agree with Andrey_SE - that reflection looks wrong, I’d recommend moving slightly to the right to line up with the base of the rose thingy - like on the previous two images (why did it change? Accident?)

Anyway, looking sweet - I really love this concept, one of my favourites!


Man thats awesome. Great colors and effects.
Keep going :thumbsup:


Muito bom. Estou de olho nos progressos :thumbsup:


You realy know what you are up to. Adoro as cores. But you will add a lot of datail, isn’t it?



Thanks’s a lot guys, your comments are truly great.

Andrey, on the contraire of that reflection, you’re absolutly right, I must change the position of the sun :slight_smile:

Stevetwist, I’m thinking about a slightly diferent pov of the camera, and that should change that crazy reflection… and maybe add some other’s :slight_smile:

Kaajey, I’m glad you like it.

JR.BRAZ, é muito fixe ter captado a atenção de pessoal brasileiro.

High, O vosso apoio é muito importante, vocês percebem melhor qual é a ideia q quero passar.

I’m having this idea to add some chaos to the image, like walls of water growing in direction of “The Rose” caused by the effect of gravity!

Thank you very much guys.


Wonderful concept and execution… Keep up the good work! Also love your style!



That idea of walls of water, if done right, could look truely amazing - I’d love to see that, even if only a quick 3d devlopment sketch or something.


the first point of view had a general view, but the new… its shocking, i love it


The idea of this “wall” of water, is to show the power of the “Rose”, with it’s own gravity… but I’m still not happy about it!
Dam, I think I didn’t make myself clear, I need to sleep!
Not happy about the texture of the “Rose” too!
Argghhhh, tomorrow it’s a new day!
Have fun guys!
And if you like to comment… you’re always welcome.



Your entery is very interesting and different. Don’t Change it!! Even if it doesn’t win or something like that because it’s not spacey enough, at least you kept true to yourself. You’ve got to do what you love. Well, that’s my two sence at least. Good luck and nice work



I love the work you’re doing. It’s nice to see something with real personal and cultural meaning behind it! Don’t switch to spaceships, you’ve got some beautiful work going. My only comment would be that the wave doesn’t read very well as water, not quite sure how you’d go about changing that though, but never the less your work is stunning!


Wow I see some serious fantasy work going on here, great job, keep it up :applause: !!!

My CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera - 3D Thread


Well, here’s the daily update of my scene! What do you think?


Whoa… I haven’t been following your thread properly :blush: … it really looks fantastic, complete with your particular semi-abstract style too, and a very bold choice of colours. The difference between the two last updates is pretty stunning.

Those discshaped object coming down from the hole in the sky (or if they are on their way towards it) introduce a rather busy component in the overall scene, I feel maybe there should be slightly less of them to avoid it turning into noise rather than an identifiable stream of objects… I guess there should still be lots of them, but maybe slightly fewer.

Overall it’s a VERY appealing image that gets my imagination going :thumbsup:


Claudio, given what you’re trying to do with the spiral effect in the sky, I thought you might find it interesting to “compare notes,” so to speak, with the work of Richard “Doc” Baily:

I realize you probably don’t have access to the Spore rendering system, but perhaps a perusal of his ethereal renders will suggest a few additional options as you hone your image.

As with your Alienware entry, your are doing fascinating and inspirational work!


Wow nuclearman, thank you very much for that link you sent me, it really is inspiring, I love it. So, you didn’t liked my “Machine-flesh” entry, ahm? :slight_smile: Just kidding!

Hello James, I know that it’s not clear, for the mean time, but, those discshaped objects are supposed to be a mix between petals of a rose and a kind of spiritual agents of: The Order of Christ, a Portuguese Military Order from the Portuguese age of discovery.
And I agree with you… less is more :slight_smile:


Wow very impressive.

Only comment is that I thought when you said ‘walls of water’ you meant like a tornado stile thing being sucked up into the heart of the rose spiral thingy. But that was just what I had pictured in my mind.

The latest two images kick ass - there’s some real movement in them, and they’re really cool.

I do think though that it’s appearing a little noisey (like James mentioned)… so maybe make the rose petals a little transparent, or remove a few of them, or maybe make the ones in the distance faded quite a bit - so that the eye doesn’t try to focus on everything at once.

Anyway, looking cooler and cooler by the minute - a very original idea - I think it’ll stand out from the crowd - a very promising piece (I can’t wait to see this one finished and at a high resoution - kick a$$).


Trying a soft-ambience!