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Claire Duval has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Well, here it is! Good luck to one and all. Here’s to the next one! Claireabella


It is the year 49/T27/44 and the inhabitants of the decaying planet Ragnad escape the futility of their lives for a couple of hours by going to the see The Historical Hologram which is visiting their section of the universe for a few days. It is showing Episode III: The Glory; a show which depicts the epic tale of how the old imperial Starfleet of Ragnad helped a far off galaxy defeat the invading Srednas back in the ancient days


Interesting idea!

Why not look at a more dynamic angle on the crowd of ships, maybe get amongst them?

Look forward to seeing this develop!



Just seeing how the Travelling theatre looks - the spheres represent the audience which will be loads of space craft.


Celestial drive-in. I love it! What movie’s playing? Something with cave men would be cool. :bounce: I want to see more now! Great work!


Thanks Matt. Glad you like the idea… still working on wha till be in the final version!!! Keep watching!!! Claireabella


nice start, waiting for updates :slight_smile:


Just panicking now as I’ll have to do loads of different space craft. Oh well, they don’t call it a challenge for nothing…! :scream: Claireabella


What an original concept, and the right POV for that story!



LOL. Yeah. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun too. And it keeps us out of trouble. :thumbsup:


…just develop it!

Good luck at the challenge!


This is my initial modeling of the celestial drive in… it’s just a work horse type engine ship pulling a movie structure. Was going to make it a hologram stage but am struggling with getting that to work so might wimp out and just make it a movie screen!


Really cool concept and modeling so far - keep going:thumbsup:


everything’s cool. the celestial drive in is very interesting. is that the final render for it? looking forward for your post. model on!:buttrock:


OOOOO. How much are tickets and when’s the next showing? I want to go! Looking good. One question. is the engine supposed to be pulling or pushing the screen? the way it’s pointing right now it looks like it would be pushing. Which I think would be better anyway because then you wouldn’t have the screen getting in the way of the engine output. Anyway, good work. Keep it up!


That’s looking very good! Can you spin it round a bit so we can get a look more along the axis of the engine?



Good point Matt… glad you spotted that conumdrum. Was actually contemplating putting giant sails on the “engine” ship so that it floats gracefully rather than blasts its way round the universe! Will try out various options and see which one works. Keep watching! Thanks for the comment though - I need all the help I can get! :scream: Claireabella

Hi JulesB. Well, the engine bit is going to be mostly obscured by the screen but I can put up a different viewpoint so you can check it out anyway. Hope your masterpiece is progressing and I look forward to seeing your next posting. Have fun! :bounce: Claireabella


That’s looking very good! Can you spin it round a bit so we can look along the axis of the engine?



This is an attempt at the dying planet Ragnad with a small City in the foothills. Not very happy with it so will keep playing…!!!


original concept:bounce: very good idea :slight_smile:

and now that I see your models, I believe you won’t have any problem realising it, great work:thumbsup: