Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Christophe Champlong


i begin my litghtning test in the Spatial Base model
c n c are welcome


Good job so far. Perhaps try breaking the metal texture map up some with some horizontal distortions. Maybe a box or something in the wall. Hatch etc… Otherwise looking really good.


Wow I really like the texture of the big ship. :bounce:


It’s very beautifull :slight_smile:
It remains me “La caste des méta baron” :wink:


thx for all friend

yes ||) |V| |^| i’m agree with you for the texture thx

thx Elendil, yes it’s type of render what i would like… i’m happy you like it:)


Hard worker here Glim… I find the look of your new ship very interesting… and very original… I like that.

The lighting test give us a beautiful way… but I think that’s too dark to understand easily the action…

Courage to you my friend :thumbsup:


Just coming by to say your doing a fine job,and to give you extra boost in getting this done as you have planned Christophe…I like your energy and work ethic,and your art shows it.looking nice and overall this is turning out quite nicely as a Space opera…Keep up the nice work and effort here…:arteest: :arteest:


Hi glim!

Looks good! I love the lighting of the scene, and also the ship! Only the walls looks a bit sad… maybe you can put some better dirt with alphamaps on it!




i add somme details and increase light intensity


thx for comments and “extra boost”

merci Lemog, je n’en manque pas crois moi, par contre c’est des Ghertz qu’il va me manquer et ca commence serieusement à me faire flipper, et mon premier plan n’est pas encore modélisé …


Thats some good extra intensity Glim…But i think even more can be added,softer lights,they will give off just enough for your objects,but will still keep a nice mood…Your models are nice,i think extra attention with lighting on them would be a good idea…in other words,better lighting or direct soft lighting on your main objects…

…I like your entry,I hope to see more when possible Christophe…Until than,best of luck to you…:arteest: :cool:


Looking good m8. Keep at it. Have a wonderful new year!


Some of the different Pass


I have paint this sky at the last time
and now i wait the Render for the first plan …

Oh before i forget … Happy New Year all and thanks for your word and different message …


finih 31 mn before the end oufffffff


Hooooooooooooooooo… I’m so sorry my friend… I loose your thread… cause I don’t receive new notifications… that’s so bad, a real shame for me… :banghead:

But I’m very happy to see your final entry… well done mate… that’s really good and a true good vision of hope… congrats to you Glim… and an half hour before the deadline… double congratulation for that !!! great you can be proud my french friend ! :thumbsup: :applause:


thx my friend :wink:

for the end of these challenge it was the war with my PC (esp### de gr### me###)…
and i make the women friday the man was a old mesh and i can’t create another details…

but it was a very good experience and today is day of debriefing
what i learn
[li]create a big scene[/li][li]what the utility to back textures[/li][li]to economise poly to add more details:rolleyes: ( i reduce my architecturale of 50% poly )[/li][li]create a complexe illumation setup[/li][/ul]more and more …

for all, thx all my friends,

Et merci Lemog sans une certain “injonction” je crois que je serais resté coincé sur un vilain bug - DON’T USE AREA LIGHT WITH MENTAL RAY it’s create big black artefact - qui m’avait bien découragé. Alors merci :bowdown:…


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