Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Christophe Champlong


Tha fighter is awesome and both ships are very unique style i really like them
texture is great really like also and the details

keep it up :thumbsup:


lemog–> what do u want to say with this :“and especially that of the cockpit”. i have always problem to create good glass… i don’t understand why:shrug: ( if you remenber, i have this problem for mini glasses)
i’m happy that you like the CrapotoShip ( it’s my “colloc” which name like this)… i beginned my modeling with the frame :).


thx lelantos:)


Je voulais simplement dire que je trouvais le shader utilisé très original… j’aime beaucoup… c’est un engin futuriste, donc, pas besoin que cela soit semblable à une quelconque reference connue. De plus, on peut être certain que le cockpit à reçu une protection efficace contre les rayon solaires…

I want to simply say that the uased shader is true original and agree me a lot… It’s a futuristic ship… that’s not necessary that it seem to something I’ve seen. Anyway, that’s surely a coat to protect of solar rays…


ok thx lemog , as you say it’s a futuristic ship, for real glass i search next time


For me it works very good, now I’m waiting for the next textured ship. Can you tall me how you reached thos style of rendering? I mean semi-drawing and semi-realistic? i like it a lot:thumbsup:


Just stopping by to say nice job and well done,nice details and a good solid plan…Keep it up Christophe,your efforts are apparent and the results are very good ones…:arteest:


Hi, The design of your model 3d is cool you maitrise, good road


Very nice ship model. Great texturing detail. I love the radiosity and lighting effects. The surfacing has a rich warm feeling to it. Excellent work! More please!


thx for your word
and ||) |V| |^| (???) thx for official theme:thumbsup:

arturro–> i use final gattering and hdri and i’m not drawing texture, its complex shading network of procedural textures exept for the bump.the effect which you describe come from the color texture but its the first like this. if i can remake with aanother model and texture i explain more… :slight_smile:


I love your ship :wink:

Good luck for this contest :slight_smile:


crapoto textures are finished.
i add particule and discover the disk cache… good tool…


thx for your word Elendil:)

the last week i beginned the asteroid base, but i don’t have good picture to show you…


Ships lookin good, waitin to see how is unfolds!


mmmmh… I like your textured ship… good apdate man… just one texture don’t agree me… the one of the legs seem a bit worse… but the rest is perfect for me…

Keep it up Krapoto Bastafouit :thumbsup:


I agree, the legs look a bit not as well textured compared to the rest of your ship. The rest is all good!



i create this litle ship to add life in final scene


thx for c&c, i correct them for final render


I take it you were referring to the theme song for my submission… I am glad you like it. I am very much liking the work you have produced for your submission. I cannot wait to see how the rest develops. Good job and keep at it.


another picture to show you the color map of my texture
i do not paint this color map. it’ s a blending of different parametric texture which are blended by gray map what i create…