Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Christophe Champlong


Christophe Champlong has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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finih 31 mn before the end oufffffff


i begin to present my concept :
in a far futur
in a far galaxie
during a long long War among Mayloe and Tordek human Empire, a hope born in the people.
a rumor say that the princesse from Mayloe fall in love with prince from Tordek, who is prisoner of father Mayloe.
after dificulte negotiation among the Emperor and princesse , he accept to release prince. This important decision sign the peace.
The image show lover’s separation juste after his release. and if you can see she is pregnent…cool
the action is situate on a special base which is hide in an asteroide.

today i show you my concept sketch and my first concept modeling : a very fast figther.
i make an another smaller figter and a big cruiser.
i want add a fighter in hangar with mechanics and an another building and canon and… more details
add maybe too one bodygard.

i may call this image : For Better Days


i begin modeling of wing in nurbs after convert in polygon. duplicate and edge modeling to achieve fuselage.


Good beginning. And an entire story for this image :wink:


All my best wishes for your project my friend… We will follow that with a great interest.

It start very well… the story was pretty cool. Keep it up Glim :thumbsup:


merci à vous :slight_smile:


Ok Glim I’ll be watching…your story lends to the Space Opera and I can see a compassionate piece as well…All the best…:arteest:


i add canons, cockpit, and booster.


Virtuoso : for my first composition (because it’s first) i’want make a very peacefull image
i’m happy to see you here :eek:


Punaise ! C’est des cours que je devrais prendre ! Mais t’es “grand” mon vieux … :slight_smile:

Peaceful but so much feelings in the scene. Good idea pal ! Good luck !


Really like the concept and storry. good luck.



Yep… you rock man… your vessel is pretty well… I like the design and details you made… Keep it ip man, pour employer le terme consacré :scream:

…et éclaires ma lanterne, la canons semblent tirer vers l’arrière, ou sont-il montés sur des affûts rotatifs ?


lemog–>keep it ip man, c’est koi le sens de cette expression(j’ai honte)
les canons tournent
scooter–> i will never stop to learn
i supress the llateral cokptit to replace there by very big booster, and add too a cockptitunder wings.
I show you later this update


QUOI ? tu ne sais ce que cela veux dire… la honte… moi non plus… huhuhuhuhuhuhu
En fait, c’est surtout pour dire qu’il faut y aller, à donf mec :scream:


screwfighter is finish.
texture are a mix of bitmap and 3dtexture nodes


i begin this new model in the last week.
i use lot of curve to define surfaces and convert to polygon.


your textured ship looks awsome! great! no crits at all:thumbsup: the new shpie also looks promising. I’ll be waiting for more updates.

good luck!


the lateral drop ship machine gun is realise with subD ( mental ray can not render non-quadrical poly … haaaaaaa )


thx arturro


Whaouw… your is model without textures is oustanding my friend… :thumbsup: a great piece for me…

I like too your ScrewFighter… these textures are very original… and especially that of the cockpit…

Vas-y mec… ça kill :smiley: more more more…