Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


The texture is ok, maybe it should be more worn off, older, or leaking somewhere.


Hey - good to see you back on track - here’s my wishes for your completion.

Also does anyone know if the image could be in any format? Like any proportion, like really long or something?

Yes, as far as I’ve understood, it can - but it has to be in highresolution no matter proportions.

The ship is really cute - it will be a nice contrast to the organic shapes. Good luck :thumbsup:


This is the last of the models for the piece. I basically referenced some images of ice bergs and tried to achive the same sorta look. I hope it looks alright.


For the lighting I fake global illumination by the old trick of spreading out many spotlights in a dome shape. I then added in one stronger spot light for a subtle directional lighting. I didn’t want to have a very shape light since the ice surface should defuse the light fairly evenly in the whole scene.

Some lights not yet added in this image are the ones on the explorer (the head lights and tail lights). These I’ll add later. Atmospheric lighting I’ll also add separately.

This image isn’t really a proper render, it’s sorta bit and pieces that i put together to show the lighting only.


For my rendering I chose to split up my image into many layers and render them separately because my computer wouldn’t be about to render the whole lot at high dpi :). But it’ll gimme more flexibility in post to make adjustments.

I also render various elements with each render. The elements include: defuse, lighting, shadow, specular, and z-depth. These I’ll use in the composite to correct imperfections in my render.

I also added some particles to the scene, to give the image more depth and some bubbles to the end of the submarine to suggest some movement.


The composite is completed with lighting and shading adjustments on the original render, atmospheric effects via a z-depth render, and some depth of field was also added using the z-depth image. I rendered atmospheric lighting separately with proxy models and added it to the composite to save time, as rendering atmospheric stuff to the full model would be too expensive.

Some brightness and contrast was also adjusted selectively to some areas just to give the subject more focus and stuff like that.


I’m naming the piece “the return”, just to keep it simple. I’ve thought of other names but it sound tacky, so i guess simple is better. To leave more room for the viewer’s interpretation. I hope people will like it.


thanks for the good feedback. I just managed to get the piece done. It’s a real rush though so i didn’t get time to fix things up and refine the image a little. I would have liked to have a some more time to look it over and tweak it some more but i guess i should be happy that i got the final image on time. :applause:


Hey Chih-Han Hsu,
Your image is very cool, literally. Glad you got the final done it looks very nice.
Good luck.


I agree - I loved your work right from the start. Congrats on a really nice final!


Nice image you have developed here. Good work! :thumbsup: I like your ideas they are very creative. I love under water scenes! It takes me back to the old thunderbirds series on tv where my favourite was thunderbird 2 and 4 ! :bounce: I really like the submarine model you have made awsome! Good luck to you !

Kind Regards


Looks really good! I like the clean and beautiful feel you have given to it. Excellent compositional work.


:thumbsup: Beautiful work hhssuu, I just love the ambience of your scene, good luck!


I just came over to see what you 3d guys have been up to…and Damn WOW!! you rock!!
Job well done. Goodluck :slight_smile:


HEy guys sorry for not replying often, i don’t have convienent internet atm, and when ever i do get it i can’t be on for long. Thanks a lot for the positive replys though. I’ll come check out the rest of the works. I’ve already seen some that are just too good. anyway thanks.


nice image, dude , i like the designs,lighting and everything :thumbsup:


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