Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


This is some parts of the building textured… because this building is some stange nonexistent thing i’ve been pulling my hairs out trying to find the color for it… i hope it looks ok. I should have done more detailed color concepts… comments are welcomed… i’m still having a head ache about the texturing for the rest of the building.


I think it looks beautiful! What are your plans for the rest of it? It could work well if you picked up some of the brownish tones … can’t wait to see the rest. Keep it up!


Gunilla: Um about what i plan to do for the rest of it i’m not too sure yet. I orignally had in mind a mixure of a exotic blur lobster and some strange sea cumuber/jelly fish thing but that’s too blurry to tackle so i’m sort of going very slowly fixing and rechanging etc…:sad:

ALL: I was thinking of making it full of patterns and different color patches but it looks too messy and is sort of destroying the model so i thought of keeping the thing in a general blueish color. But have enough color to standout of the backgroud while still not stealing the show away from the explorer (the focus of the image). I though if i need any extra color i would do it though self-illuminated spots on the buildings (like some glowing plant/organism thing).

Any comments are very welcomed, it might just open my minds a little.:slight_smile: vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1776949”, true);


Yeahhhhhh!!! I love those colors, great work!


there’s not much to be said… simply amazing:) I love the fantasy spirit in these colors. Profesionally made texture:thumbsup:


digging your idea so far…I love this style. Great idea, great execution in the works. Keep going :slight_smile:


This is a bit more to the texturing, the majority of the textures are there but might not be final… still playing around. I plan to make some areas self-illuminated and glowing to lighten things up a bit but that’s later.

I was thinking of putting some variation in the shape and textures in the “stem” bit of the building since it looks a little stiff and artificial…

And just a notice i will be going on an overseas trip in 2 days so i might have to leave the competition since i won’t have a computer with me for 2.5 months. If i’m lucky i might be about to borrow a computer or buy a laptop (which i would love) then i might complete this piece. Other wise is might just have to finish it some other time :slight_smile:


Oh - that would be really sad if you couldn’t get to finish this - really one of my favourites. Even if you can’t finish it for the challenge - do finish it later - it’s just to good to become one of those thrown-aways :thumbsup:


Yes I agree, would be a terrible waste, but I’m keeping the faith! This should get you an award!



no man this will be sad you should try to do your best to find somewhere to work… actually with Laptop is very hard to do 3D. I hope to see your finished image at the end of the challenge :slight_smile: GOod LuCk :thumbsup:


Your explorer is very nice, so real. Nice details. Good luck


Thanks for the support guys, since theres still around 40 days i’ll try to find some place to work on this. I hope to finish this too, since it’s my first challenge:) . I can still chack the forums at some net place i guess.


This is the rest of the buildings texturing.


Hi, I manage to get a computer oversea. I got it on Saturday so i’m gonna have to rush this piece together now. I don’t have net connection at home so i haven’t been submitting stuff frequently, sorry :sad:. I don’t think i’ll model too much more stuff but just finish off what i have already and try make the best out of that. anyway i’m gonna submit more stuff soon. Also does anyone know if the image could be in any format? Like any proportion, like really long or something?


This is the texturing of the jelly building (some what like a lamp) thing. At the moment i’m sort of just rushing to finish the image off so i don’t really have time to refine stuff. anyway feel free to gimme comments, i might not have time to fix things up though sorry.


This is the 3D layout update. I change the composition a bit. The image looks a bit dodgy but you know it’s just a layout.


This is the texturing of the explorer. I’ve decided to name the explorer “Boomerang” since it’s a trip back to earth. I’ve tried to keep the design simple and clean for now since time is running so short. Comments are welcome.


Looks clean, and nice. Good job man!:thumbsup:


Yes looks clean and good, you can finish this, keep going!

:wip: :wip:


very awesome,waiting for updates :bounce: