Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


Wow thanks a lot for all the positive feedback, I’ll try working as hard as possible. I have a funny news though… i’m making an oversea’s trip in early December and i won’t have a decent computer overseas for a few months… so I’ll have to try and finish a decent piece before then… but anyway i’ll give it my best shot.:buttrock:


This is just a bit of modelling for a bit of the buildings. The shape was inpired by a prawn shell… the geometry is kept fairly simple as other bits will be built to on to it later. Since the building is going to be big more details will be added in textureing. This is really not much of an update but here it is anyway.


This is an update to the organic building. It’s still not finished but shouldn’t be too far i guess. Some elements i might consider getting rid off depending on how “messy” it looks when things are textured or even if it just dosen’t look right in the final image. Feel free to give me your comments.


This is a more detailed image of various parts of the building. At the moment i’m thinking of taking the wobbly tranparent bits(shown in the top image) off since there’s atually some detail in the core and it’s sort of a bit redundent. but i’ll get some response from you guys first. I’ll add more detail through displacement and bump maps cos i don’t wanna slow my computer down with any more polys.


This isn’t really an alternate design, i just removed the “wobbly transperent” bits from the model (seen in the last submission). Please tell me if you think this looks better then before.


Yes I think it is…This newest version works best Chih-han Hsu…Cleaner,less eratic,more controlled,but still what you want…keep it going.looking good…:arteest:


hi hhssuu

Nice work I like the, organic shape, its real …organic, nice detail, look forward to the

good luck!

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This is the complete building. I only added the little floating units around the previous building. I was going to have them hanging randomly of the base (expanded top bit) but it looked really messy so i just left them floating. Since for things to float in water without support isn’t too strange anyway, i guess.


This is a test for the composition with the models, plainly just to see how the image would look without color and stuff. I was considering havingh te explorer smaller than seen in the image so the buildings might look more “grand” and the explorer being more vulnerable. But I thought that might be a waste to all the detail in the model :slight_smile:


hey this is very nice… i really love ur organic looking models… i really cant get enough of it…i also like the roots of those tree looking thing… great job done… i just imagine how its gonna look like wen its all finished… keep up the good work man… :thumbsup:


This is the same old building, i just added some more detail with a combination of displace and bump maps.


Those are great looking models! I really like the beautiful shapes you got in them - good luck in finding the time to finish this :thumbsup:


This is the same old building, i just added some more detail with a combination of displace and bump maps.

I’m thinking of refining some bits of the explorer to make it more futuristic because it does look a little retro at the moment. I won’t make it too different though.

I should have some color images to submit soon, i’m nearly done with the models… i hope.


Yeah! I love your models, Where are those colored images, where are they?


Wow, I love your modeling, You can hurry please whit the textures, I can’t wait anymore.

You can take a look of my work too.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


I made some slight refinements to the explorer model. It’s probable not very noticible but the changes are on the door, the side windows and the senser/prob thingy.


I also made some changes to the light holder thing. This really isn’t a big change, but here it is anyway.

I remember a suggestion from sometime ago about the propeller and the oxygen cylinders in the back of the ship… i might or might not make changes on them at the moment since they won’t be seen in the image… i might get back to them later on.


wow, i love your modelling - looks clean and really skilled! Your concept is very interesting, too:thumbsup:

Keep on doing this way, Chi-Han - this is going to be awesome!:bounce:


:slight_smile: Sorry i just remembered that i got to do some replying… thanks guys there quite a few positive feedbacks and thanks for that… i hope my next image will have some color cos i’m about to do some texturing.


These models look GREAT!!
nice job with bump maps~ they add so much detail~
keep updating~