Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


This is just a rough color study i did to work out the general look of the environment. The designs of the building and explorer (submarine) is still to be properly designed. I’m trying to work out a design to keep the buildings organic but still highly architectual and strong looking; currently thinking of using some elements of a lobster’s shell. And thanks for the positive feedbacks.


hi! lot of cool stuff man!i think your way to work is geat! your posibility is endless ,maybe i have to sketch more befor jump to the final concept !
one thing is that your submarine seem to be too simple, or maybe it’s just concept not detail yet , so keep going man!


monsitj: hey thanks for your comments. yeah the things still a color study at the moment. I’ve started to work on the designs of the buildings and sub in detail and is sorta half way though, i should post it up soon, just a little busy at this time.

Just a short update on the work in progress:
I want to make sure the color and design is all planned well (enough) before i start modelling. I will have to keep the piece simple but solid though since i’ll need to leave the competition early to go on a overseas trip and i most likely won’t have computer access :sad:. I’ll try and keep some fine details in there, but focus more on the composition and design of things.

Anyway, thanks for all the feedbacks, and please come back sometime later to see more of my thread :slight_smile:


Hi there hhssuu! Great composition, and excellent color palette! Try not to lose this mood when doing it in 3d, because the atmosphere is vary nice and quite coherent:arteest:


A design sketch of the explorer. It’s the fist design so I might still play around with differnet designs in some areas but I generally quite like it at the moment. Please give me feedback on what you think of it.


This is just a design drawing to help create the explorer in 3d. It’s not really an accuratly measured thing, just a guide.


This is a bunch of the bits and pieces which will combine to form the buildings in my image. Sorry it’s a bit rough and messy, but should give you an idea of the final outcome. Most of the design work should be done and i’ll be modelling soon, hehe it’ll be fun :slight_smile:



I like your story alot and I do think it has an iconic or epic feel. Your ship design looks very promising too. Look forward to seeing more.

My GSO entry


This is the model of the explorer (a research submarine). It looks slightly different to the sketch, i sort of made sight changes as i modelled. Some mechanical bits i’m not too sure if it looks right cos it’s my first time modelling a vechicle so please give me feedback if i made a obvious mistake somewhere.


This is the model of the explorer again, just in a differnet view. I forgot to mention that i reduced the height of the tail a bit cos it the model looked a little like a plane while i was modelling.


This is the explorer model viewed from the back. And i forgot to mention the rest of the details will be added in the texturing.


very clean modeling man…nice detailing and it seems liek u can really make theat ship work… really cool… the only thing i dont like is the railing surrounding the cilinders in the back of the ship… and those you may add more propeller fins(donno if i said it rite… u know the hands of the fan in the propeller?)… and i love those grabbers/hands in the ships… keep up the good works man… i’ll keep my eyes on this :thumbsup:


That is pretty cool and it looks a lot to the sketch too. impresive!
i can’t wait to see your ship render.
good job!


Hi mate!

Great concept and nice clean model… I really like your seafloor setting, you could really do something spectacular with the lighting here!

Good luck on your underwater adventures… I’ll be waiting to see how it turns out :thumbsup:


hi…i saw some of your sketch and theyre looking really nice…your last update is very well done…i want one ship like that for x-mas!! good job mate…is comming along really good!:thumbsup:


overcast: Thanks for you feedback. I’ll go and add some hands to the propallars and try figure something out for the railling things around the cylinders on the back. I just finshed the model so i guess i still gotta have a look at it again after some sleep and rethinking. It soo look better then i hope :slight_smile:

all: Thanks for the feedback guy, i’ll keep/try working hard. Hehe i got a little lazy after uni finished, i bet you know that phase too.:slight_smile:


Grate stuf f
nice mechanism i lo ve mechanism designes


very nice concept…and a very nice start on your modeling Chih-han Hsu…:arteest: …I think you have some nice flow and curves to your work from what I see,and the overall plan/idea is a good one…I think you have a very nice entry,and hope to see you keep going at it hard,it will be great to see come together…I’ll be looking for more in your updates…:arteest:


All my encouragement for your GSO, the modeling of your ship is
very good.
good road for the continuation.


really really great stuff here man, I like the way your concept is going.
I also love the Explorer, very clean modeling fine details.
Will keep an eye on this, keep it up!!