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Chih-Han Hsu has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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I’ve named the piece, “Returning Home”. Apart form the obvious meaning of a human revisiting Earth; it could also be interpreted another way. With nature being polluted by human, nature has forced man to leave the planet. And by leaving, man has returned their “home” (Earth) back to nature. I’m not really sure my self :slight_smile: It’s really up to the viewer for some interpretation as well. I hope people will like it.


Welcome Chih-Han. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the challenge!


Welcome to the challenge. And good luck!:thumbsup:


Hi I’m all new to cgtalk. I’ve finally finish my uni assessments and decided to give this competition a shot. I hope everyone could have heaps of fun in this and feel free to give a newbie like me any advices. Also thanks to those who already gave me a warm welcome.:thumbsup:

Here’s the idea I have in mind:

Many years from now humans has left earth due to massive freezing (I watched day after tomorrow lately :)). Earth has been left in isolation in its frozen state killing almost all living forms except for some deep sea organisms, which over the years developed into a sophisticated civilization. They have learnt from the many of the things humans left behind (architecture, science etc.) and acquired great intelligence.

Years after the departure of man, human scientist has decided to revisit Earth (just like how scientists visit the Moon and Mars etc.) to discover a grand semi-organic city beneath the frozen surface.

The image that I’ll try to depict is an exploring submarine thing discovering the city under the ice for the first time.

This idea might tie in with the theme of space opera very loosely so please give me any feedback on this idea thanks.


This is a rough idea of the image that i currently have in my mind. I’m not sure if i want so many different forms of building in the background yet sice it could pull the focus away from the subject (the explorer). Feel free to give me feedback, thanks.


This is some studies of oganic forms that i scribbled.


These are some concepts I did of the explorer. I’ll try to keep the design more man made so it will stand out from the organic background. Not quite certain with the design yet, I might combine some elements from multiple concepts. I’ll so play around with the color later. Feedbacks are most welcomed.


Those organisms are going to look awesome in 3D “hhssuu.” They already have me thinking about colors and stuff.


Attempts of creating architectual structures out of the organic forms.


Daniel - good to hear positive feed back, I was a little iffy about the subject at first. Although it was only one person’s point of view but I’m feeling better with the whole thing now.

ALL - I’ve done some more designs on the organic buildings and composition since last time. Hope you like it.


For some reason i accidentally posted the previous image twise (on the spot of this current post), sorry about that. So i’ve removed it and now has become the message you’re currently reading. If this is confusing then just igore it :).


These are two designs i’ve currently done for the organic buildings. I’m considering not to have to many different forms in the background so in the end i might just use 1 or 2 designs with some alterations. I quite like the tall building but the round one still needs some refinement i think.


I thought i’ll change the image to a landscape and a different arragement for the composition because i wanted to show the grand scale of the buildings. So i want a entire building somewhere in the BG and one up close and next to the explorer. The last once probably seem to cramped up.

Also I hope i’m not submitting too many scketches, sorry i’m a newbie. I guess the rate will slow down once i start modelling. :slight_smile:


I just LOVE how you’re exploring your idea here. The composition sketch is quite powerful; I’ll keep an eye on this, so don’t disappoint me…


G’Day my fellow aussie, lots of concepts nice idea and a great start :thumbsup:


Looking real good so far - keep’em coming :thumbsup:


Great to heard positive stuff from you guys, sounds like i’m kinda heading in hte right direction. Or maybe you guys are just being nice :).

Anyway, i’m starting to playaround in 3ds max with materials and what i and what my computer can handle for the piece. Still experimenting cos i still want to maintain a sense of strength in the buildings while still being oganic in hte shape. Might be the matter of finding the right color, not quite sure yet.

Thanks for your feedback.


heh heh, another organic guy. Nice concepts thus far.

You should check out this entry for organic work…


some good scetches coming out here, like your ideas. keep up the good work!