Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Carlos Bernardo Delgado Virgen


I said again, i like really the concept of your pic, the realization is perfect, very great work, i like, good luck


I don’t want to end in a place like this… but the picture is awsome:) my congratulations!


Thanks pals!! challenge is finished lets play some half life 2 deatmatch now ahahaha :thumbsup::bounce::buttrock:


i stopped playing cs 1 year ago… :shrug:


:shrug:its fun to die anyway . ahaha… virtually of course hahah :scream:


Hey Carlos,

I like the idea of your image and the image itself is very well done. Great job:thumbsup: and good luck.


Well done clon! its a really good image, but it`s a really sad final for our loved specie, i hope you are not right with your “optimistic” vision of the future, anyways its a very original view of the theme for this challenge. the technical side of the image is awesome, the ambient the trees, and specially the water are the best points in the image, my only observation may be that, i dont really think that the language of the aliens is english, it could be better if you put some weird signs and under that the homo-sapiens thing… yes i am being a “little” picky, but sience fiction is sience fiction , and you have to think everything. =)

well good luck, and congratulations for this great image!
da orgullo que seas mi clon!!



Wonderful image and an even better concept! Really good work - congrats and good luck :thumbsup:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
I really like the concept & every viewer can make its own story out of it without knowing the details of your thoughts.


thanks pal!, thats refreshing haha I hope to have good luck in this challenge :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Wish I could have found your entry sooner; love the concept, as well as the composition and dramatic angles used.
Congrats. :slight_smile:


Nice concept. Love the atmosphere in the image :thumbsup:

good luck.

My GSO :


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