Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Carlos Bernardo Delgado Virgen


well, here’s the final concept I hope haha, I added some few futuristic details and more lighting/shadows. also I used painter 9 to have a better look


Go for it…and u can always add more stuff in the way …have fun:bounce:


hey, clon! well, as i told you, this is very nice (it should be in the 2d section hehe) i hope that you have a fun time modelling all this, and in the final rendering i think you must play more with the lighting, you know, to have more contrast, i feel that this will be some sort of “relaxing” enviroment, hope you can capture that feeling, well, good luck, and i really want to see some polygons soon!

good luck!!


the concept is very refreshing, but i’m more interested on the 3d side of it. good luck amigo:thumbsup:


well since I dont have a sea simulator or something like that, I had to create the shader for the sea water, the geometry I’ll model it in zbrush. The shader is made with the glass shader of final shaders (final render), adjusting some smooth bump and absorbtion


interesting test Bernardo…now you can integrate it to the scene. waiting for your update.:thumbsup:


thanks uwil , sorry for no posting so often but school is killing me, fortunately I’ll finish the course in a few weeks so I’ll be able to work in this full time


Hi, maybe Im a bit late but finally I have “free” time , I’ll try to hurry to unless finish before the date I’ll do my best. Here’s the future moon I Hope u like it. Its made with 3dsMax 7, final render, Zbrush, Corel painter and the textures are from the Celestia Motherholde


I’ve just finished the terrain, its kinda complex and slow to render because it has a dirt shader. Anyway I’ll have to bake it.


oke now i put the sea, I’ll detail the model of the sea but this is just a box, I also put some basic boxes in the places of some buildings to test the lighting. Greetings


Sea shader works great i think friend…i am happy to see u are around… :bounce: :thumbsup:

I hope for u and your family …happy new year! :bounce:


Thanks Dimitris, Happy New Year for everyone !! partyy!! ahaha:bounce: :buttrock:


Partyyyyyy! :bounce: :argh: :beer: :drool: :beer: :argh: …weeeeeee


Now I’ve baked the base texture of the terrain with tbaker from final render to only bake the texture chanel without shadows and GI, Now lets work on the hard stuff :slight_smile:


Exellent terrain model and great sea shader :thumbsup:
I`m looking forward to see more :bounce:


Im modeling the buildings and the stones from the beach. its getting kinda hard tought haha but lets keep on working

thanks nomad :thumbsup:


well, it’s nice…your back Bernardo. very refreshing update. good luck!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


thanks uwil Im having a hard time with a lot of things I have to do but I’ll do my best to make some competence here :thumbsup::buttrock:


here’s another update, Im currently finishing the scenery models the problem will be, I guess, the plants haha , lets see wut I can do I hope u like it


oke now this will be the “last” render of the scene, from now I shall start comosition stuff and modeling some characters to add in first plane