Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Carlos Bernardo Delgado Virgen


Carlos Bernardo Delgado Virgen has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Hi well finally I added some human models and some little fire there, after thinking if I should add more elements like ships or etc I decided to keep it like this I think it express wut I want to and the picture is diferent from all entries to keep originality, I also added some light rays. I hope u like it and hope to have good luck :slight_smile:

good luck to u too buddies


Hey…i am glad to see again in this one friend…i liked the one in machineflesh, i sure think u will make eye candy stuff once more :slight_smile:

have fun


haha, thanks man! :slight_smile: lets see wut we can do here. I thing everyone will do great stuff thats for sure. This challenge will be extreme thats wut I like about it. So lets figure out wut to do , c’ya greetings from mexico


good luck mate… nice to c ya here


thanks pal, lets rock this challenge ! :buttrock:


well, now I have an idea. I call it the Earth Museum. In a far far away future the human race wont live in the earth, because of awesome meteors and the age of the sun. So all cities will remain as ghost cities, covered by sand because of meteors, beaches, palm trees between ruins of big cities like new york, the moon half destroyed with a ring like saturn, and of course a lot of tourist in ships visiting the earth, taking a tour over the biggest museum oh human history.

Hope u like the idea, I’ll post the sketch later today :slight_smile:


I like it …it’s different from all i 've heard up to now…the difficult
(which i think u can do it ) is that u have to make a lot of half-ruins…i like it …it’s most challenging :slight_smile:

show us some thoughts Bernardo.


hi, my evil clon!
i really want to see this, with that particular style of yours! i like the idea, all the destrucion and everything can be really cool! and very dramatic, is like seeing what happened after all the battles of everyone!

good luck!!


Hey Bernardo!

Good to see you competing again!
Best of luck.



The concept sounds very interesting. Is it going to be people looking through objects through velvet type ropes in space suits or like tourists in hawaiian shirts with cameras lol. Sounds good either way, good luck too you!


Good luck! I was carefully wathing your work the last time, I’ll be doing so again :wink: Good luck!!!


thanks pals I’ll do my best :slight_smile: , I’ll try to post the concept later, sorry for the delay but the damn school doesnt give me time, its nice to see everyone here again, lets rock the space:buttrock: haha


well here’s the first concept, not really clear but I am figuring out the idea, Im thinking in another perspective also. but wut do u think about this one :S


Me gusta el sketch Bernardo , quizas debamos esperar un poco mas a la otra perspectiva que muestres y asi compararlas.

No lo tengo muy claro aun , pero vas a agregar mas naves a tu escena ?



I see you’ve done your first scetch! It’s looking pretty well! Keep it up!


here’s a wip of the final perspective I decided to use, I just will add some stuff but this is the base, hope u like it :D. The topic is the same, the planetary human history museum when all the humans no longer live in the earth because now earth is a museum. After all the disasters bla bla.

there are civilizations in craters also in the destroyed moon and I’ll add more ships I guess, also the weird white stuff down there is a train that moves up the water like a snake :smiley:


I like the idea of putting the water element in such scale in your concept, i think it will give u great potential for extreme shading and pleasing look…Can’t wait to see how the water train will look :bounce:

Good start Bernardo…:arteest:


hey! great idea and good sketch! , maybe you can mixed the camera on the first one with last one.Only a suggestion!:thumbsup: good luck!


Bernardo…nice concept,and the idea is a interesting one.I like the plan and your current idea has a touch of a whimsical look and feel,always a nice extra…:arteest:


hi, thanx for your comments :slight_smile:

Dimitris: thanks pal, I love sea water haha but I think it will be a real challenge to have a nice result in 3d, thats why I wanted it to be large scale so I’ll have to learn more hahaha.

Luciano: well I think it would be nice but I guess the more adecuated angle is this one because I would be able to put more detail that in a more elevated point of view like the 1st one.

virtuoso: thanks pal ,I hope to get a nice 3d result for everyone here :thumbsup: