Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Carl-Henrik Hörnkvist


Carl-Henrik Hörnkvist has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


updates coming… have to sleep now. sooo tired…


a few pictures for you to see the concept of this entery


looks promising! Do you have a background story for your concept?


Some story behid this scene.
Many years into the future. Long after the pulluted earth was abbandoned a War for survival is rageing in the entire universe. A war of resorces and homes.
The scavageing tribe of Archinon is here taking a last shot for a home after decades living in space outof intergalactical leftovers gathers after won battles.
Their target is this planet rich with metals with huge ammounts of underground water and minerals that is ruled by the industrialistic empire of Methor.

Winning this battle will provide the Archinons with a home for a unspecified future.
Losing this battle is the end of their civilisation. They will be enslaved in the Mines and factories och the Methors empire.
At dawn of the planets 8th quadrat the battle is commenced.
The battle for a new world.


A bit into the modelling the tiles will be repeated in the texture aswell so it will be tiles upon tile upon tile for a greatly detailed look

crits welcome


This is the basic idéa of the “Crawler”.
the collecting thingy at the bottom is used for collection debre from ships and lost items in space.

the thrusters are mounted in the middle of the feet so that they allso can be used ti attack ships it has mounted.

crits are as allways welcome


Good clean modelling there Henrik. Lycka till!


are gonna greeble the entire surfase of the main fuselage. but will wait with it to keep the polycount down while still att base modeling.


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