Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian Linwell


Here is a pure render. Took about four and a half hours on my Dell Pentium 4 ,3 ghz. to do a 2700 pixel by 3700 Tiff and this is a jpeg reduction to 432 by 614 pixels. None of the post work is included for this milestone. Here I did add some more pieces flying off the building, about to hit Tutov, the Space Opera Singer, in his helmet.I pronounc his first name “Toot-of”. Tutov is bigger in this render too. Which size Tutov is better? Thanks for your helpful comments.


Here is a view of my latest. The Opera Ship is flying thru some space art. Added a belt and gun to Tutov, but the pistol looks kinda big. Added a strap to the rifle, but may need to lower the rifle. What do you think?


essencedesign- Thanks, it is fun to work with good friends like you.
I added more fog, some yellow fog in the bottom and purple space art
fog. And more pieces coming off the building too.
||) |V| |^| - Thanks, My last post is pretty close to what my final will
probably look like. Can’t believe this will soon be over. What an experience!
And still so much more to learn…and I think your GSO theme music is great.
nemirc - Thanks, I like the way the building came out too. About adding another
building to the left, in that empty space…I know what you mean…I hope I get to
that! Thanks for the push! It helps a lot.


This is the lighting without the opera ship, which is way out there, so you can see the details of the main group lighting.


Outstanding piece of work :thumbsup:

That ship flying through the wormhole kind of thing adds a very nice touch :bounce:

BTW I think the rifle should be lowered. The straps are usually longer than that.

Keep up the good work! Only four and something days. Keep it coming! :buttrock:

My entry is finished :deal:


nemirc - Thanks. Glad the Opera ship going thru the space art looks ok.
Thanks for pointing out the rifle strap. I noticed it was short but might not
have fixed it, now I will. I’m working in photoshop to add engine glows to
the two biggest ships right now, just took a break. I think the glows on the Opera
ship are looking ok so far. I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow with the rifle strap fix
(tomorrow night). Gotta run to check your entry!


Working on the engine glow in photoshop, not yet finished. Added some buildings to the left. And the double laser fire from the Opera ship to the invader.


nice progress since the last time I took a look at your piece. :thumbsup:


Hey Brian,

This does have a more theatrical feel to it than the last time I looked at your image. Good job,


SNoWs - Thank you. Guess i’m just touching up in post now. Today I just checked out
other peoples entries and did nothing new- feels strange, but I get that “It’s finished”
feeling…All the 3d stuff is done in one render, and the photoshop post effects are in a
bunch of layers. So there’s no need to just muck it up with overworking and there’s no
time to learn anything new now…
mmoir - Yes, I usually use a surrealist angle in my work. And I seem to like to combine
different styles and feelings. I like the idea that this could be a theatrical set…or part of it,
and part is real. The laser beams amuse me because they “cannot” be depicted like this, to me
it is as if someone in the past was told about laser weapons and he painted a flashlight
beam cutting thru steel. A wistful fantasy touch. At the Academy of Art here in San Francisco an illustration assignment was to immitate an artists style.
I combined two different artists
styles and came up with a new one…“THat’s exactly what you are not supposed to do”
exclaimed the professor. Then years later I heard that the new assignment it that same class
was to combine two artists styles. Like my character being too big here. I guess I am combining two different object scales in one scene, Like Magrittes train coming out of
a fireplace. Hey! That fireplace is way too big! Or the train is way too small! Anyway that is
sorta the style I am interested in developing…but with my own weird twists.


outstanding work :thumbsup:

turn up those glows! :buttrock:


Okay, here’s the final jpeg.


congratulations mate! I think you have learned a lot here, and had a good time. And of course will take part in the next challenge:)


Hey congrats on the final man, you’ve learnt much from this challenge, and it shows in your work. Keep it up, and we’ll see greater stuff from you!

:beer: :buttrock:


Congrats Brian!
You made it!
This was my first time on a cgtalk-contest, and though i came in too late to finish (in fact real life demanded its tribute…I had to work) it was a great fun.
thank you for giving me a nice welcome here.

I’m looking forward to the next challenge!

btw I’m using lightwave, too. :slight_smile:




Yeah! I am soooo glad to see you have finished! (actually I saw your “finished” question on the FAQ forum but I’d also mention it here :wink: ).

Good luck with the challenge man :buttrock:
With so many good entries we are going to need it :cry:


Okay! I entered the final tiff zip!

It’s almost 6 a.m. here. Thank you to all the people who participated and
gave me helpful advice. Kept me going. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it
and you all were really fun.:thumbsup:


Great to see you’ve got the final image up, Brian :thumbsup:

Hope we’ll see you around for the next challenge as well!


Wow. I just can’t believe it. The wabbit finished. And what a fantastic final! It is not
too dark, it is perfect! Just the right drama above the Fluffians!:scream: :thumbsup:
And the potato dust is awesome! That’s real Hollywoodian of the wabbit, gettin done
in the last seconds…and here I was at work, writin’ the GSO beer drinkin’ song,
and havin’ to include me beloved Fluffians of the unfinished entry…hey, that woulda
been a real cryin’ in yer beer best seller! :scream: Well, thank goodness he finished! Soooo…

“The GSO Beer Drinking Song” By Brian Linwell © 2005 All Rights Reserved

This one goes out to
The Grand Space Opera
And the toughest epic moments
in the Big, BIG,BIG
Cuz you gotta be tuff to put on
your space pants (ouch)
put on your space boots (ugh!)
And squeeze into your crazy space helmet
And fight the BIG,BIG,BIG
challenges out THERE!
To enter the battles
with warriors riding monsters
bigger than houses
or fight with surrounded soldiers
with blinding dazzle camouflage
engulfed in laser fire.
There are stories of a daring battle
against hi-tech robots to rescue
one little girl
Of a nation built into a huge
Asteroid-gouged moon
fighting the good fight
And of newly discovered paradise planets
with vast virgin beaches
And dark battles over
huge mining platform cities
extracting vast wealth
From extravagant resources.
Of a Queen’s son’s unspeakable
Betrayal, harming a dozen
intergalactic species.
And of space cultures so
Intertwined into deep maze cities
That battlelines can only pass by
And of helpless potato-farmers
Plowed-under huge
Anchoring space fleets.

Well, I plan to add more…what do you think so far?



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…
good luck…