Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian Linwell


Arturro-Yeah, I guess I have to. I was just wondering if I wanted to lose the night dark sky.
But it does look odd like this. Thanks, I’ll try it. And I am going to add stars and some
space art. Added a helmet, need to tweek the colors.


looking good… nice helmet (how about adding horns to it and make him sing that Valkyrie song :cool: )

btw how about separate the singer on a fourth layer? I mean, for the building to look that small next to the guy it should be around 500 behind him


nemirc- Thanks. The singer is part Italian part Galaxian so the helmet has a Roman
Legionair touch. I am adding some design wings to the sides in 3d. I need to color it
yet, in Layout. Yes the scale is odd there.I sat on a strret corner wathing
people walk up to me, and if he’s right next to you the building accross a
large plaza looks small (although I just tested it with an intersection).
I have to establish the plaza somehow and just figure out what to do.
Yes, I like your suggestion, maybe a figure if not a statue or sculpture.
A regular guy would be best to establish scale, distance. Thanks.


I added the Grand Space Opera’s gun. This rifle is a wip, which I put in to see how it fits the character and it’s my bedtime too. I like the way it is so far. So I will only add some detail for the high res render. I need to add the shoulder strap. I think this may be a good position for it.


Woops, I forgot to add the fade out to the top opera ship…oh well
next post I may add a better background too…And where did the fractal
noise on the Space Fokker go? Without it the color is too pink again!
You know what? I bet I forgot to save the Fokker model after adding
the colored fractal noise! That has to be it. Next time…


Fixed the last post error, this has the fog. The Grand Space Opera singer has his wip gun. What do you think?



I think the gun is ok for something like an m16.for some kind of a death-ray gun add a coil,maybe something like a reflector and a little wiring. that’ll bring more of the classic flash gordon feeling to your scene (like the roman helmet).

and regarding the cloaked ship: does the rendering package you use support something like “render outlines” to give the silhoutte a kind of glow?
at the moment the discovered ship looks like being on the catwalk and spotlights covering it.
so maybe you could use a sophisticated texture effect on the uncloaked ship to make clear, that theres no spotlight on it but a mighty beam of truth bringing the darkest foes to light.
You know, some sprinkling fancy sparks or somewhat. or thunderbolts covering the hull.
Very original concept indeed! Great singer :slight_smile:


Wow! I started writing a script/story today about the S.O.S. “The Space Opera Singer” ™
and I got a lot of ideas flowing! And cgtalk/Networks just started up two film writing
forums! Waycool! I’m in! Wow this singer “Tuto Spaziemodo” ™ - is one crazy character
for me to write! It starts…well you’ll have to see the movie!
onethread- The gun is developing into a colectors item as it is the first gun employed
by the U.S. army to have fully programmable (thus those clunky cpu units) and creatable
(thus those clunky assembly boxes) bullets. This seemingly inoccuous gun can analize the
target and create a special bullet that can steer itself to the target with uncanny results,
as it actually transcribes the targets logical actions and defenses and resources and fires
bullets that attack unpredictably.
As far as all those effects,I am using Lightwave 5.6, a 7 year old package, and I haven’t
gotten into downloading any plug ins, so I don’t think I’ll find that in time for this challenge.
But theres always post! I will add some stuff (?). I do most certaily get what you mean,
and will keep it in mind, as it definitely is not “just an ordinary spotlight” so to speak!


I increased the length of the Art Ship’s volumetric fog so the Ball Building is separated from the Space
Opera Singer and I put him on a couple steps up from the plaza, like on a sidewalk. Also I made the volu-light a darker blue to try and increase the separation effect. Added little details to his rifle. Any better?


ok, maybe that was too much volume fog >______<
or maybe it is just too saturated?

and btw, the second position for the rifle looks ok to me

and yet another btw… that fog around the big ship was a really neat idea.


nemirc- Good! I agree, that is too much volumetric blue. It actually is
distracting. I’ll just lighten the blue hue. Back to what it was. No more time on
the volumetric light!
The fog and stars
are placeholders, I’ll have to do a final size in photoshop, so some edge clutzyness
will be corrected. Now to add more buildings in the background. And think of
what to add to make the plaza a bit realistic. That reflection on the ground
must be breaking the illusion of reality a lot, after all it is not wet. Maybe add a
sidewalk on the other side.


This is by start on the cone building.


This is the castlebank building, so far it has a linear light in it, this may change.


This is the wip of the singers rifle.


This is a wire of the Space Fokker with somw damage.


Got the volumetric light where I want it so I won’t spend more time there. Added a new building, the Castle Bank.
I am happy wiyh the way it looks in the center. I also added a copy of it behind the singer. That will be modified I think.It’s nice to have the image at this stage, where I can just improve it steadily. I don’t need any major changes I think, just to try and finish up.I’ll see what I can do. Any crits welcome.


I like what I see funny concept. Have you though of using toon shading for the characters?


Thank you OvidsMuse, I actually finally got it where I like it too. I won’t use toon
shading here, I like this look so far but I hope to add some realism to the singer with
textures. So far he looks like a toy. I need to learn how to texture his clothes so they
look real. I’m new at that. The Opera ship is my first texture painted for whole object


Well when you texture the clothers you can probably lay of the specular for the most part. Have you thought of putting a symbol on his shirt?


Thanks for helping simplify that, I am thinking for the red torso area I can just apply a
spherical wrap of a cloth texture I either paint or photograph.Next challenge I should buy
a digital camera to help with deadlines. The plan I have is to place a large medalion like
thing hanging arround his neck on straps. This object will be something tactical, like a
battlefield control center. I’m getting away from my old idea of a magical medalion, or?
I don’t want a symbol on his shirt because
that is the superhero thing and would take him out of character, He is playing a General
in an opera as a real battle suddenly happens above him by coincidence. He will
take some prisoners from the Space Fokker…if a movie gets made, ha ha. As he happens
to collect real, advanced weapons. Some character development that is. He should get
some medals on his chest too. Maybe a pistol belt…I need to add something out of
camera to reflect off his helmet so it doesn’t look like potato soup on his head.