Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian Linwell


Im realy digging the idea of the opera singer in front. I think it is a great idea. I think, though, that there is a lot of visual compatition in you piece so far. They say that you should light in planes meaning that the central part of your composition should be the most well lit. Then were ever you want the persons eye to go next you light slightly less and so on in the order of interest you decide. also you incorporate color and value contrast in the same maner, leading the audiences eye were you want them to look. Keep on goin man your doin great.:thumbsup:


Versiden-- Thanks! I hope to make it more interesting with the background and
fires and explosion. But I’ll have to read some tutorials or add it in post in photoshop.
Hope I can find out how to do it in Lightwave. And I’ll add more modeling details and
background. I will add the variety to the front of the buildings windows. And a front
door and awning. Hope to make an update every day now.

scottamis_prime-- Great!Thank you. I’m glad the opera singer is making sense. I was
wondering about that. I’m going for some dry humor with a touch of surrealism. I like
your suggestion about lighting in layers. I planned to fog out the Defender Opera Ship
at the top. That will be the least lit plane, least contrast and color saturation. The Opera
Singer will be the front layer with the harsh, contrasty flood lighting him up. And in between
will be the middle layer. With middle value lighting and contrast and saturation. Thanks!


Interesting so far. I love the shapes created on the floor by the reflections. keep at it.


Wow, I can’t believe you actually put an opera singer there! :smiley:
After reading the posts about the lasts updates I came up with an idea. Since your ships are taking a lot of space how about you make a “widescreen” version? Surely you can make the sky look less “overcrowded” that way (and even add more fighters than what would fit in the current image).

Just my two cents
Keep working, Johnny Worker :beer:


Hi userBrian]Brian Linwell

Thats one crazy design, almost salvador Dali like, interesting thanks for your comments
on my reptile, yes I agree I could do more distressing, but the thing is My Rodent characters are in the background of the composition, and Im more of a lighting man, so Im not sure how much detail will be visible at the end, its a bit like shooting a movie with extras.

I would suggest with your design perhaps using bitmap textures other than shaders as it will give it more of that surreal feel, Im using a mixture of both in my composition.

all the Best



yes it does look a little over crowded… but other than that your making good progress


ll) lvl l^l -Thanks. I added some fractal noise. I may texture it with a photo of
some street, but probably won’t get arround to it. I’m working on separating
the layers for distance effect now. Hope I can get a post up tonight.
nemirc- Yep, I hardly believe it myself, thought I’d take him down, but decided
it’s fun. As for the widescreen idea, I’ve got no time to change it, gotta try to
get this one right. Anyway I wanted to try the book cover/ poster format.
patina-Thanks, yes I am interested in a little surrealism here, not pure realism.
I’m new to painting textures, so I may not get enough in this challenge. I’m
really just learning here.
vrhead- Yeah, I’ts still all on one level. I’ve been trying to separate the background
level with a volumetric fog, hope to post whatever just rendered and get to sleep!


I am experimenting with ways to separate the pieces into depth layers. Here I am trying to use a volumetric light, but as you can see so far it’s too blue. Still trying. Any suggestions?


The best and quickest way to separate elements is to render z-depth picture from your scene. I think that each software has this option. Set the distance options as your scene requires, and go to photoshop. Add a leyer with single color(color of your fog or vol. light), and use a inverted z-depth picture as a mask for this single color layer. You will see that it works perfectly. than change the color of this leyer, and play with contrast of the mask to change the density of the fog.


The program I use has the ability of starting the fog at a certain distance from the camera and then a depth of that fog… So in my experience I’d start the fog later/farther
Your screaming/singing guy seems a bit malformed… though I understand that heads can be hard… hence wy I’m giving my people helmets when I get to it.


Wo that’s really cool but I’m quite sure I got it. Is there any explaination in depth about this some where?


arturro- That sounds good. Right now I’m still trying countless volumetric
light settings to see if I can get it, I’ts hard but maybe it will be real cool.
I’m also working on a drawing for a client as I wait for the renders. What I
get from your suggestion is to import the level render to Photoshop and add a
transparent fog layer, which I may end up doing. I don’t get what you mean
by invert the render and use it as a mask. But when I try it I suppose I will
see what you mean.
Radulan- yes, my version of Lightwave has a simple fog option which I may end
up using…first I’m trying it the hard way. Yup, the Singer’s head isn’t shaped
right yet! And he has no ears. He is a cross between an Earthling and a Shxzklwhgqkh.
Warit- Yeah:shrug:


Finnaly deletted the Volumetrics Doubler! That got rid of a big white burnout center! Whatever that doubler is for, i’m not sure yet. But here is a post that shows what I am headed for, a volumetric fog distancing of a layer. But I need to tweek it, make it bigger. Then I don’t need to do it in post, and it may be cooler.


wow, this post is bad. Lost the volumetrics from the Art Ship, and I need to make
the volumetric fog bigger. Dunno, but soon I may need to try a simpler method. And what
are doze friggin horizontal lines? To make it bigger I can just increase the light cone angle ( next post?) but I have to remember why the other volumetric light dissapears…I thought
I figured that out during countless mind numbing renders…What was It? And why do the gold
fractals on the floor and the red fractals on the Space Fokker wings dissappear when I aim the
Level creating volumetric fog at the camera? The floor is grey again and I didn’t change it.It’s countless things like this why ders no time to give him ears.


humm, are you rendering in segments? If so that might be the reason you are getting the horizontal lines…


I just have a little suggestion on your opera singer… I hope it’s not too late yet :slight_smile:
Regarding the pose, maybe you could bend the arm instead of keeping it on a completely stretched position. Besides you could maybe bend the spine backwards and raise the head. That would give the character a sense of “high-pitched singing”.

Just my 3 and a half cents :smiley:


Tried airbrushing the distance layer in photoshop. I’d have to do it again in the final resolution so this is to see if I like it. At least it’s done.
Time is running out and I have to finish modeling. Do you think I’m ok with this kind of distancing? Then I need to try it on the middle level.


SNoWs- No I wasn’t rendering in segments. Actually that volumetric grey fog
in the previous post behind this one,
is coming from the Art student’s ship. I seem to get one volum-light stealing
settings from the other, I may be doing something wrong. Spent enough time on
that for this challenge, gotta move on, so I just airbrushed the distance effect
in photoshop in the last post… The correct blue volumetric light is now coming
from the Art ship. This also serves as the middle layer fog. So there are my 3
layers or levels.
Lightwave 5.6, about 7 years old, on a Win XP Pro Dell at 3 Ghz with 512 megs of
fast ram.
nemirc-Sounds like an idea but like you said I may not get arround to it because
there is so much else to do, but maybe. I am giving him a helmet.


So here are the three levels.The furthest away on top with the opera ship,midground with the Space Fokker,oops,I forgot to fade back the Art Ship. The third layer is the front with the singer, the Ball Building and the foremost part of the boxy building.
Am I on the right track?


you’re doing well, but make this fog on the opera ship everywhere in the background. If it’s only on the ship it doesn’t loko as fog. make whole background in the color of the fog.