Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian Linwell


Snake Farlow- Thanks, those things are what I am going
to get to soon, Some of the models are in a simple stage
because I’m working on all of them at once, so to speak,
none are finished. This is my first challenge. I tried different
camera angles and lenses and got some more dramatic
views, and thanks for the inspiration to try it again, I’ll
try to do that. As for the textures, I’m pretty new to
texturing, I just finishred painting a texture for the opera
ship in Photoshop and am in the process of putting it
on the ship. Maybe a better way to get more crits is to
completely finish and texture an object at a time. Maybe
that is how I will do my next challenge. Anyway thank you
for your helpful ideas. I guess I should texture the whole
opera ship now, and stop jumping arround. Then finish
modeling the same ship, and or course there will probably
be final touch up textures. Funny how I’m learning so
much with this challenge! It’s something else!:wip:


Added a reflection of a maze texture I drew in Photoshop to the Ball Building.
I’m working on other textures and will probably post one tomorrow.


Yeah, SnakeFarlow said it for me. You should check out Arild Wiro’s tutorials on texturing, great stuff there. I learnt how to texture from him. And for modellign you can check out Michel Roger’s website, great way of modelling.

Arild Wiro’s Site

Michel Roger’s Site

It’s really great stuff, learnt a lot from them…

Oh and just in case you didn’t read my reply about the artwork thing, let me assure you those paintings were pictures I took in my local chinatown, probably painted by some old guy living in the area. I don’t think he minds, and anyway that particular texture can’t really be seen in my final scene at all. Hope to ahve cleared your doubts!



Keetmun- thanks for the links, the sites look very good.
I’ll study them more later as I’m gonna hit the sack now
so I can be more alert at work tommorrow. Yeah I’m following
advice and studying texturing which is new to me. This will
be a lot of fun!


Started texturing on the Defender Opera Ship. It’s 3 a.m. so I’ve
posted this and I’m off to sleep.


Hi there Brian!
Ok, gonna be fair on You now. The big ship looks much better with textures, but they need to be bigger. Dont paint just color maps, modify them and apply as bump, specular and diffuse maps.
Read these tutorials about texturing, should jelp:

About the composition, everything is in the middle nad thats not good. Think on what you want the viewer to focus.
Hope i’m not to criticising about this…


nice color Brian…good luck…:thumbsup:


Kaksht- Thanks. Great links, I’ll read them. Very helpful, Leigh is.
Yes, I’ve yet to try my first specular or bump hand drawn texture.
Hope I get to try it here. Yes, all the stuff is still way too much in
the middle ground. I plan to fog or Volume light the opera ship back
by fading it. Have to change that clunky engine box, and add engine
flame and guns firing at the space fokker ship.Also I need to add a
ground plane! Can’t get proper reflections without one. I plan to add
a street and street lamps,etc.
gulliver3- That’s a relief! Though I have to adjust the colors to add
depth. Think I’ll add blue to the Space Fokker, or extend the volumetric
light on it. Sorry to read you need to adjust your concept for the rules.
It’s so cool as it is. Maybe just change the spaceships and the color of
the aliens, which will lose the retro style, but put you in the direction
of the challenge.


I lowered the opera singer from a rooftop to the ground because I think that will help separate the objects into greater depth areas. Also now I can do the ground level better. I can add a street and sidewalk. Oh, I also just added the ground itself! I was wondering why the bottom of the ball building had no shadding! Then while reading one of Leighs texturing tutorials that Kaksht gave me a link to on my entry thread, I saw a ball she lit and immediately I remembered I had to add a ground! Whew…


So which camera level is better? From the rooftop
or the street level? Gotta make those windows glass,
not putty! HaHa! Lots to go, any comments welcome
as they really help me! Thanks .


Streetlevel looks much much better, the picture isn’t quite so cramped and jumbled, you ought to experiment with different aspect ratios, like widescreen or even tall. It will give you alot more room to work with and allow you to spread things out a bit more and keep things from being cluttered in the middle…

Best of luck, my 2 cents,


Halfling85- Thanks. Yes I also think the street level is better. I really think
I need to add street depth and buildings. I was suposedly going to stay
focused on the Defender Opera Ship, but again I jumped to something else.
Just couldn’t resist seeing that street! Now to make it look like a street, so
I’ll probably jump to the building’s windows! Anybody got any enlightenment
about these styles of work? Which is better for you and why? To stay on
one object until it is perfect, or to jump arround? I come from a traditional
painting background, and we seem to always jump arround, detailing is the
last step. I can’t imagine an oil painter start a painting by completely finishing
a truck, then a barn, then a person, then the ground, and then the sky and be
finished! That feels so odd to me. The medium has a big influence I guess. What
are your views on this, should I try to change? All comments welcome…


Hi there! Nice update, it’s looks much better! I only think that the big opera ship is placed to high. It should be a little bit lower. The two other shpis also may go a little bit lower. Do some tests and see how it looks! good luck!


arturro- Thanks. So I will stay with a street level view. Yes, the ships do need
to be lowered. And separated with fog or something. I’ll get rid of those silly rocks
on top of the Ball Building, they probably just add to the “cramped and jumbled” look,
as Halfling85 said. I’ve been working on the windows of the rectangular building and
adding lights, so I will post that “soon”, whenever that can be, these tweeks take
their time!


kay then,cough, I crashed the Space Fokker into the skyscraper.Ah, I think that’s my excuse to add an explosion,
perhaps? And pieces of the building and ship falling onto the street,yes?
And also I worked some more on the side of the skyscraper, the many windows. Got rid of the silly stones on top of the Ball Building. You like?
What say you aboutsa dee crash? Me likes.


Yup as mentioned by the others street level looks better. It’ll be great if you could put in detail for the background, give us all and idea of where this is taking place, maybe later on.



Thanks Keetmun, great to hear you suggest I go to the area I am
actually feeling like going to! I also feel I need to finish off the Space


I changed the windows on the Defender Opera Ship in the scene so this is a pure render.


interesting entry dude, I like the literal approach…

suggestion, add more variation to the lights on the building, ie some off some on, like you have on your spaceship flying above


Was reading Leighs tutorials on texturing and there was this debate about proceedurals, I decided to add some gold fractal noise to the ground and it turned out better than the plain grey. I also did that with red fractal noise to the Space Fokker’s wings and I like the way it removed the too pinkish color the lights gave them, and I like the fractal noise break up of the too even color. I also colored all of the skyscrapers ledges black. Not much today, but maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.