Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian Linwell


nuclearman- O.K. then, Kevin Spacey is inspiring the forehead as I model, I’ve
only got the top of the scull so far. But I can’t make the model look like
anybody because that’s the contest rules. But like I said, I think I may use
a large forehead. Thanks for my preciousssss prizesssss idea, but I’m one of
those guys just expecting to learn from this, which I am, and having a lot of fun.


Ok thats’s one crazy story! Keep going… :thumbsup:


This is the Grand Space Opera Singer WIP. Just showing my continuing work on the head now. Any comments appreciated.



First of all; Weird story.

As for the opera singer, I think you need to work on some things;

  1. his arms seems too long.
  2. The mucles on the arm are a little to defined for this fat guy.
  3. The Head doesn´t match the character; too thin and long neck. In my opinion you shouldn´t see his neck at all(covered in fat…:)). The Lower part of the head itself should be wider that the uper part due to his fatness.
  4. Tits of fat?..

Things I like about the opera singer;

  1. his legs are promissing. Also these leather boots are great/funny
  2. his mouth is a real opera singers, pointing downvards at the sides.
  3. That his stumick is wider than his butt. He has jumped into a pair of too small space suit pants.

Overall Original Story. Would like to say, as others has said, wait with the texturing until you have a more clean concept to work with.

Keep going


I just got up and saw your post, it is really funny
to me, you are so right! I may post a wireframe
when I get back from work as I probably need to.
It is that this guy (what should I name him?) has such
a huge wardrobe (haha) that I am stunned thinking
of what he should wear today. The foot-wide space-
time jump medallion, where people can push their heads
into whatever time and place they are thinking of? Or the
Levatiutian boa constrictor chameleon-snake he wore
arround his neck in his last three galaxy venues?
Well I’m off to work, I’ll think about this…Thanks!


Help! Somebody save me!


Here’s my first wireframe. I made him basically by knifing slices and pulling them out and shaping them. Then I would build more polygons wherever I needed them. I’ll post more wireframes later, as the design evolves.


I’ve decided to definitely put The Space Opera Singer in my
challenge. Now I think I need to make two new spaceships,
the paperatzi ships that follow the huge main show ship, and
the space mafia ships that protect the main ship. Maybe Mr.
Copolla will make me an offer I can’t refuse to produce my movie!
So I just renten a couple DVD’s for inspiration, Mozart’s Don
Giovanni, a film by Joseph Losey, and Casino, with Robert De Niro
and Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. Ya this challenge is fun!
Got comments? We need to talk…


Here’s the nozzles for the main planet defender ship.


Ya, what in the world is happening with my concept/storyline?
Well, as I see it developing, the planet of the galaxy being attacked
is also the planet that the Grand Space Opera Singer happens to be
performing in. Lucky for that planet. Because the Don does not like
his performances disturbed. It is also of great coincidence that the
technique to decloke and reveal the invisible attackers has been reached
by the art ship. This art ship is actually a huge ship full of art students
from various Universities and colleges. They are on six month space art
challenges. The huge ammount of space art led to the decloaking of the
attackers, attackers which were in the midst of burning the Don’s sets!
The protective space mafia ships were not going to take this, and along
with the planets, and later the Galaxies’ defenses, counterattecked.
Inspite of the confusing paperatzie ships.


Your story is totally off the chart, dude! :smiley: Hilarious! A ship full of art students gets me a bit worried… thinking about what happened to ‘Ark B’ in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy… 'twas not pretty :scream:


I want to see this finished…
keep it up…


This is a test of the composition to see if the Grand Space Opera Singer fits into the picture ok. It’s a concept sketch and of course there’s a lot more to add and change untill I feel satisfied with it. Right now it looks pretty clashy and I really need to refine it. Please offer any help you think of.


JamesMK- Great to have you on my thread! I’m relly enjoying yours.
Yes my thread’s story seems wild, so I am taking a hint from you
and doing a composition test. That would be the one above. I’m soo
ooo glad I did because now I can start to get it together. I hope I
balance out my colors too. The nozzles will go on the big ship on the
left, which I will reposition so it fits better. I put the building in front
of it to make the ship look bigger. Without the building the ship looked
like a small one. So like you said, the composition stage is very important.
Thanks for helping me to step on it!

WazaR- Thanks for the enthusiasm. The composition sketch above will
help us both try to get an idea of what the heck is going on here.
Let me know if anything jars off key…the singer is on a rooftop of a building
that is burning. He wanted this setting at night because the stars were
so bright. I think he is trying to remember if this space battle was in the
opera, but when his feet get real hot he will probably catch on that this
is for real.


As Kragh suggested here are the “tits of fat”. And I made his neck and forehead thicker. Still working on it.
Been working on other ship and building too.


this is just too much man…lol :smiley: :scream: right on!


Thanks HieSpike, I worked on his face yesterday and he’s going
a little alien, I didn’t post it yet. I didn’t get any done today
just checking out all the
cool threads! But I plan to change the gloves too, they are too
plain looking. Like dishwashing gloves.


hahah great!

crazy idea, crazy modeling… crazy colors especially…



hi Brian…
this is fantastic man! i love your story ! the singer guy is simply crashing! i like him a lot as well! i may suggest you just do what you have i mind… and as WasaR said would be great to see this work finished…
keep it up mate and best of luck!


lehmi- Thanks, those colors have almost a funky retro quality
to me… i guess I have to stick to a slightly humorous
angle so slightly funny colors seem to fit. Then again if
I made it sombre with storm cloud moonlight it could be
a hilarious contrast to the singers body language…
greentek- Thank you! Yes that is how I usually work, using ideas that pop
into my mind when I am wondering if they will fit in, and
finding they do later down the road. I’m starting on the
3D scene with all of the available elements in the 3D
render now and that will help me to focus a lot! Time to
focus! That’s the second fun stage!


I’m messing with the composition with
some of the early objects in a scene and some lighting. The background sky isn’t here yet or the fire or the volumetric lights. I’ll add those later.The models aren’t finished. Any advice welcome.