Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian Linwell


Thanks Doublecrash. As I mentioned in your entry I really got a kick
out of your concept! Made me really laugh, first in this contest, Because
it is so original! I’ll be keeping an eye on it!


Here’s a body idea i’ve got. I may
change it. It needs details yet.


Worked some more on the attacking alien
ship. I also started working on the buildings and I’ll probably do more of that next. Then I gotta start on the defending cruiser.


Good work so far, but try to give the ship more datail and for now concentrate on modeling not texturing. I think you will get better results!

Keep on!


high- Yes I plan to give this ship more detail and rework the nose
because I feel it’s too skinny. But I want to get the buildings
fermenting in my head too, so I can decide on the look and feel.
So i’ve been messing with that. I guess I can mix the building
styles, like here in San Francisco you have old victorians to strange
metal buildings to a pyramid skyscraper, so i’ll do something like that,
so look out…:slight_smile:


great idea work on the ships and especialy textures since your viewing the ships so close


I seem to be working all over the place right now. I did an insignia
texture for the red fighter, worked more on the buildings, and started
the big defender ship on the left, made a nozzle for it. I’m gonna make
this ship the HUGE one. Maybe i’ll work out a collage of these elements
To see if it helps. Maybe i’ll post that in a couple days. This challenge
is a blast.


OK here’s my start on the Opera Singer
for the foreground. Hope you like it so
far.He’s going to be really houling out
a Space Opera. Any comments?


hi Brian, it’s hard to comment right now. I’d like to wait till you post some more of that character. Ship looks fine. keep going


Here is the Space Opera Singer, without his head. Did it get blasted off? No, that’s still on the drawing board. He’ll also have stylish armor,
heck I might even give him medals and a space gun. What do you think so far?
Any crits welcome.


Any ideas for his head? Should he be human?
Is it too much to have eggs thrown on him?


the eggs may be a bit out there =) …im not sure why you went off concept with this one but im sure you know what your doing… and would probably be cool having him be human…


:slight_smile: vrhead- Okay I’ll make a human head…hmm, I think I’ll make him
sorta serious, about his art, I mean.
As to why I got off concept—yeah, I just got this funny idea
and I want to see if I can work it in. Maybe he won’t be too big,
like he’s just part of the madness. Of course if he really doesn’t
fit I can drop him. We’ll see when I start to put togeter a 3D
composition. Let the people vote on this one!



Turbinea- Thanks for the motivational words. I’ve added some more of his body,
well I just need his head, then I have to tweek it and add the accessories, of course.
I hope I get in the mood tonight, I just saw your post now. That helps! Now what will
I work on tonight? The face, or more of the crazy Ivan Nuclear Bomb piston engines?
Ahhh yes, dees iz a beeeeeeg ship…
Ahhh yes, how do you use pistons in space? Isn’t that to turn somethink like a Tire,
dumkoph? You have a superhighway in deez space?
Reply to Super Commander Kauff: No. The pistons are necessary to contain the highly
toxic exhaust. Please review the top secret documents. Of course, then we will have to
shoot you. Any more questions? Ahhhh… I theeenk not.


hmm…his right arm looks a little long right now. If you’re going for a human type of physique then perhaps you should check out some anatomy reference? Reference would be good for proportions.

Keep going man!


keetmun- Very much my concern reply is. As I decided wiyh vrhead, I’ll make the
head human. So I should make the body human. But this charekter is supposed
to have short legs. It is this very Napoleonic Complex that led him to be the greatest
Opera singer in all the known galaxies. What he lost in leg size he made up in inter-
galactic performances. A special lightspeed engine was developed just to transport
him to his galaxy hopping performances. He is actually responsible for personally
developing the largest and fastest ship in the universe, to transport his huge sets
and entourage. You can read all about him in the Daily Galaxy News.


About the red ship, I was thinking of him as the Space Fokker.
But I think I will really ellongate the gun barrel in the front and
blow up the “mouth” area and name him also known as the
Death Spitter.


keetmun- I actually modelled this character with his arms down
so that I could get his hands to mid thigh, then i rotated them
up to position. That is why his right elbow is a ball, which I will
need to tweek into an armpit. It was originally a ball socket type
design, just a ball I pulled and knifed and pulled and knifed and
shaped the crossections from. So there is a kind of anatomoicalally
correct “error” in this character.


I also made his torso relatively larger and red because he eats a lot
of tomatoes, his favorite dishes are Italian pasta and spagetti sauces.


Brian, the head has got to be Kevin Spacey’s! :slight_smile: No doubt you will win some sort of special prize for taking this contest literally.