Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian Linwell


MWAAaahaahaaa! :smiley:

The best effing GSO beer drinking song ever written as far as I can tell :thumbsup:

I particularly like the passage with “harming a dozen intergalactic species”… You managed to capture all the important elements of a grand space opera here.


Somehow you manage to make that line so funny I gotta drink another beer!


Always room for another beer, righto! Besides, any particular melody that you’ve had in mind for that one? It’s a bit choppy no matter what I try… but I get the feeling it should be sung with a very deep voice, like an old time cowboy TV-show theme or something


Actually that is what I am trying to figure out myself…None yet.

But I plan to play guitar and bass and sing it and record it…
Yes, I like your idea for a deep voice. I hope when I get to playing
music for it I’ll work that out. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…I just
started on this song today.
Next day, Having some hardware problems on the music


Small update added to,
“The GSO Beer Drinking Song” By Brian Linwell © 2005 All Rights Reserved

This one goes out to
The Grand Space Opera
And the toughest epic moments
in the Big, BIG,BIG
Cuz you gotta be tuff to put on
your space pants (ouch)
put on your space boots (ugh!)
And squeeze into your crazy space helmet
And fight the BIG,BIG,BIG
challenges out THERE!

Full Thruster Rush
To destroy the invisible enemy
Just exposed.
To enter the battles
with warriors riding monsters
bigger than houses
or fight with surrounded soldiers
with blinding dazzle camouflage
engulfed in laser fire.
There are stories of a daring battle
against hi-tech robots to rescue
one little girl.
Of a nation built into a huge
Asteroid-gouged moon
fighting the good fight.
And of newly discovered paradise planets
with vast virgin beaches.
And dark battles over
huge mining platform cities
extracting vast wealth
From extravagant resources.
Of a Queen’s son’s unspeakable
Betrayal, harming a dozen
intergalactic species.
And of space cultures so
Intertwined into deep maze cities
That battlelines can only pass by
And of helpless potato-farmers
Plowed-under huge
Anchoring space fleets.


good luck


I’m drinking a beer right now…Oak Aged IPA …rather tasty…I will drink it for your song then Brian, :twisted: :buttrock:


Congrats to finishing, Brian. Hope to see you at the next Challenge. :slight_smile:


essenceDesign- Thanks Jeremy, I had just finished an IPA before I got your
post, having another to your entry now! Now I need to download some drivers
to get my m-audio box on WinXP as my laptop is getting flakey. So don’t know
if I’ll get the music recorded in time (?) but maybe somewhere later. Got an
idea of what to play (mostly heavy Bass guitar and Guitar tracks , moody(?) readings
between effects ambience,experimental). If I don’t do the music then just
call it “The Grand Space Opera Poem”.


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