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Brian Linwell has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final jpeg

Okay, here’s the final jpeg.


The space exploring planet of Narkion was being attack by invisibly cloaked
alien ships. Untill finally the Battleship Hekion arrived with the new Ultraviolet Hypervoxel Beam. The attacking armada was revealed and so valiantly hammered by the Hekion that they limped away forever! Hail Hekion!
Well okay it’s a start!


The story- Brian Linwell © 2004 all rights reserved

The Senorians’ invisibly cloaked ships had been harassing the planet Narkion for many centuries.
Then they escalated into war. No longer satisfied with abductions and mind control, they started attacking cities with their ship’s torpedoes. The situation on Narkion appeared hopeless. Not a single enemy ship could be hit, not even seen! But a lonely art couple on a distant orbit was experimenting with space art, projecting particle beams and trying out different color filters and light wavelengths when…WHOA! A horrendously frightening Alien spaceship suddenly appeared in their beam right in front of them! The aliens appeared stunned for a moment, then fired on the Hekion art ship, disabling the Hekion’s communications equipment. Brian, on the Hekion, immediately fired a low pulse lazer cannon at the attackers. Amazingly, The alien ship’s controls were flamed and the attackers tried to send a surrender message but the Hekion, of course, couldn’t hear it because the enemy had just destroyed the Hekion’s radios! The enemy ship, out of control, continued on a frightening crash ram course on the Hekion! Brian, in a sudden panic, forgot to turn off the lazer cannon, which continued to fire on the alien ship.
To Be Continued…

I’m getting lots of ideas, another concept sketch i’m working on shows a city below the ships, and Brian’s wife tapping him on the shoulder as he admires the art in space, with her jaw falling in amazement as the alien fighter ship appears out of the fog would be another.

This is my first challenge and I’ll learn a lot.


Different color filters…sounds like this is going to be a brilliantly lit scene.
Sounds promising.
Good luck


Thanks Arsyn. Yes it will be brilliantly lit. These two crippled ships will engage in a battle within the enormous space art maze while their respective space colonizing empires ramp up their battles! Sure the art gets torn up, but Brian and his wife Beverly outwit the warship within the
maze of art, using the map to the fog of war which they created. The enemy ship has a secret they carry of the evil of their empire. Of the secret light within the dark.


Sounds like a good idea…but you need to create some sketches that show the sense of grandure…like something where the planets all in smokes and flames from the constant attacks and all the ships are on fire including the one with the purple lights and it’s only in the last second that they finally see the enemy ship and at that moment they know they are saved!! - just my 2 cents


This is an alternate view, with a city,under attack. The Herkion has lit up the enemy’s invisible ship so a friendly fighter can attack the alien. I may put other ships dogfighting thru the space art, tearing it up.

HieSpike- Thanks. I am planning to make the city look alien, this is just a rough. I hope the perspective I made is somewhat original in this challenge.
I’m wondering if a destroyed city looks grand. Hmm…Lots to consider in this challenge. I may add a person or too in the foreground too, if it’s not too confusing, i’ll see.
I’m not satisfied with the colors of the space artwork,seems a bit much, what do you guys think?
How about a guy singing opera in the foreground? Joke.


guy singing opera in the foreground? :smiley: dude if you’re not using that idea, may i? hehehe

your story seems to be action-packed… the idea having ‘space art’ in the background is quite nice i think
i much prefer your second layout … it definitely has more dynamic than the first one, with burning city underneath and spaceships dogfighting up above… its does have an epic feeling to it.
you might want to look into the perspective, because right now it’s a bit difficult to see where the horizon is


I agree that the second, more dynamic, version is messed up a little. It looks like opened space above but those buildings make the contrary expression that it’s on planet surface. The sky doesn’t fit. Maybe because of the perspective.
Since it’s not your final work you can give it more design.



it’s deffinetly coming along, and you should deffinetly put the opera guy in the foreground (Am I kidding?..I’m not sure really!) Anyway, You might want to try a landscape version. Make the city (which looks great in my oppinion) much lower, maybe the city and horizon only come up and inch. then you can make the rest gadiate from stary sky to space. And in the sky you could put maybe 5-10 ships that are on fire as well…maybe even a ship that’s crashed into the buildings below. Then I would make the invisible ship more menacing, maybe have it coming towards the camera from above looking down on us. And finally, you could put the alien ship with the lights coming in from off screen, above the invisible ship shinning it’s light. Hope that confused you enough!!! Have fun!


Andrey_SE - Yes,I figure I’ll fix the horizon when I make the buildings more alien.

HieSpike - I do plan to do a concept with the opera singer and see how it works.
Was checking out some opera biography books at a bookstore today
and i’m getting some ideas…hahaha.
Going to keep the view vertical like a bookcover, it’s a challenge!


All the opera singer jokes are making me think of the blue singer in The Fifth Element. All the space art talk is making me think of a laser rock show! Trippy man. I guess the art is serving to reveal the otherwise invisible bad guy, right? To me that’s the crux of your visual concept (so far) – how to make an empty space the main focus of an image. Interesting challenge. You mentioned some 3d models were in progress?


markw7- Yes, the planets have become increasingly attacked by these invisible spaceships. Just by “accident” a couple creating space art discovered a way to see the ships, and this is the crucial changing moment that saves the galaxies.
I’ve been working on the 3D ship models, especially trying to make the evil guy’s ship super bad. Hope I pull this off. :eek:


These are the wings, or arms to you opera scientists,of one of the attacking enemy ships. This is a straight render.


Here are the same wings in a volumetric light. Now I’ve got to work on the body. It’s 4:45 A.M. again!


This is the image with anti-aliasing.
Theattacking alien ship.


nice design, let’s see the body!!! :slight_smile:


HieSpike- Yeah I’m sketching various body ideas. I also did a pencil
sketch of an opera singer, overweight, in a space costume…hmm
can’t be anything but an entirely original dude, so I guess doing a
cartoon of Luciano Pavarotti howling bigtime in space boots and
blaster at his belt, while very funny, will have to be changed to
some imaginary alien wanna be! I plan to put that original concept
in for laughs though.


Cool entry… :buttrock:

I like specially the second POV, the one right down in the city. Way more dramatic.



I’m using Lightwave too, HieSpike. I did the Photoshop sketch at a coffee
shop on my laptop, moving my dongle from my Dell 3ghz desktop at home.
Now it’s back on my laptop and off to work for an hour or more in a
coffee shop. I use an Intuos tablet, the cool translucent black special
edition. I plan to work on the spaceship body. Been trying to do edging
grooves using a wedge I made to Boolean subtract the gouge lines on the
ship wings but it didn’t work too well so i’ll try knifing new polygons and
pulling them up or down. Is that what you do?