Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


FlyingP very nice thread you got man :stuck_out_tongue: Nice robo anyway I wish you good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


neat stuff.


:cry: sad to know that you can’t finish it… so sorry… Your project was really interesting, and until now you did a really wonderful work. Anyway good luck to you and :thumbsup: + :applause: …

at next time Flying…



Yep sorry a few things just got in the way :shrug:


Hey my friend, sorry to hear that. Your concept is one of my favorites, and I
hope you’ll be able to finish it some time soon!! You Must!!!
I still don’t know if I can finish mine but many thanks for droping by and giving me your
thoughts!! Always good to hear your input!!!
I’ll write you a longer email over the weekend :-).

Cheers Brian!


Look forward to it Daniel :thumbsup: and you had bloody well better finish yours I like where it is heading…and I like the fact that I got given my own planet :cool:
we’ll talk some more this weekend :beer:


Just to make sure you’re not getting depressed and potentially suicidal, here’s your special edition WSA (custom version for sucky quitter pigs)


Wahahahaha bastard…just be thankful that I’ve helped to improve your chances of actually winning something this time wabbit :stuck_out_tongue:


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