Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


Brian…What’s up,have’nt talked or heard frrom you in ages?:shrug:

Ok my time to talk…First of all our mutual friend james Mk,has come up with a spot on excellent crit or suggestion on your work with this torso…I could only repeat what he said…Perhaps just add the fact that you should think…Beaten up,worn out,torn,ripped apart,chunks missing,twsited,bent almost out of shape,pieces barely hanging on,non-symetrical should be the foremost thing on your mind…

You have a real nice model,now get that thing beaten up,give it character,give it a real thrashing…Forget the store-bought like new look…give it the war torn been through many battles look…In any case I agree with James,and in the end this is your baby,but letting loose is the way I would approach it,just another guy here with yet anothwer opinion,but perhaps some fruit for thought…All the best Brian,you got the skills,just let them flow freely,and listen to that wild and fun James MK,he is knows his stuff…Nice to talk to you again,until next time,take care…:arteest: :arteest:


Wow… thats just some awsome work you’ve got there… :applause::applause:

And I agree with Virtuoso … give the armor some real beatings and it would be perfect! :thumbsup:


yeah there are ‘a lot’ of threads I should have been visiting more to be honest :shrug:

War torn would look a bit out of place here, this thing is supposed to be in the end a huge statue celebrating ancient victories, not sure they would have built it to look like he’s just had his butt seriously kicked, but there will be some damage :slight_smile:


You know i think that would actually be quite cool.It would stand out as something new,something fresh…depicting a true view of what these warriors were really like…Anyways,you got a nice piece of work,and I know it will come out in top form,I know you have the eye and skills for whats needed.Just trying to give you another one from another angle,but you know that…Go at it strong Brian…:arteest: :wip:


I am actually quite grateful for the input Michael, and I haven’t ruled it out indeed I am not about to rule anything out, I’m just letting things ferment a bit in my mind, until I either decide I AM happy with this direction or I find another that I am happier with…or my head explodes :scream: . A lot of it really comes down to what James was saying I am much more confident with brush strokes than with polygons, I am having to think too much in 3D it is not as yet as instinctive…all a matter of practice :smiley:


Wow that man is so detailed and and great design no words great job this is amazing :buttrock: you rock

keep it up cant wait to see what you are going to do next :thumbsup:

this pigy has an art instict for sure:arteest:


Hey man… less talking and more work flyingP :slight_smile:
You have a great character… for now… I totally agree with the suggestions of James and Virtuoso, and I also think that you’ll have not some real critics, until his texturized and integrated in the scene!
So, come on, gives us more of your great work!


it’s not so much talking as technical difficulties at the moment :hmm:


he’s turned into a baby !!!


lol…but yep I’m having trouble reaching the buttons at the top :slight_smile:


Kind of feel a bit uncomfortable posting this, especially in view of a lot of the great support I’ve received from a lot of good people in here, but I won’t be finishing this this time around, I’ve been down the last week or so thanks to a rather unpleasant bug my son brought back from day care, and one or two thing other things have happened/been decided in the meantime that are going to keep me busy for a while or at least cause me to rethink a few major things next year.
That being said I will be coming back to this later, when I have bit more of an opportunity to make a “decent” job of it.

ummm sorry :blush:

and best luck to all the rest of you :slight_smile:


Hope you’ll be back on ya feet soon. I am sick as well at the moment.
Good luck for your projects right now.
Cheers buddy:beer:



Health and Happy Holidays ! cya later!


Sorry to hear your out. Happy holidays to you and I hope you feel better.


ho hum… unlucky… but stuff happens.

You’re gonna end up with as many ‘projects’ on the go as i have!! so much to do and so little time…?

I hope you and your son are both feeling better. Have a great Christmas and i hope whatever you do in 2005 goes fantastically!!

Maybe see you in the next challenge…?

Keep on truckin’… and flyin’…


AHHHHH…what are u doing taking a pic of me on the keyboard…? :smiley: :smiley:

Hey little Brian…come to Uncle Dimi…here kitty kityy…oops :argh: …er…here little baby…just look at those hands…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Don’t know if it’s safe to expose the kids to those Mac thingies at such young age though… might leave mental scars for life…


hah! a new PC and now you think you can take the piss huh? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Sorry to hear you’re out. good luck with whatever else you have on the go. :slight_smile:


Thank you Janet, I appreciate that. :smiley: and I wish the best of luck with your entry :thumbsup: