Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


find a soft wall then , muhahahaha!!!




thank you Squibitt, very useful advice, I think you can be promoted to bastard now as well :smiley:


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well…you’ve earned it :slight_smile:


don’t worry , u can feel pretty satisfied with that model when u see my next 3d update…not to mention the ones already there…urgh… :slight_smile:


:applause: haha that’s some great character !!! very funny guy


I made a funny :curious:

no one takes me seriously any more :cry:



heh, yea , I know u wanted some serious crits but I couldn’t come up with anything :)maybe you’re overcritical ?


And now the time has come for a dose of RealCrits ™, proudly presented by Wabbit Media Inc, a division of WheelieCarrot Industries (in turn part of the BuckTooth/Currywurst Investment Group, ultimately owned by Lord Panzerpants of the galactic federation headquarters on Neuronomicon IX).

The only problem with this model in its current phase is that it doesn’t really have a problem.

If one should push the art of crits to an extreme point, one would be able to deliver the following thoughts:

The design, as implemented this far in 3D, is fairly middle-of-the-road. The modeling is apparently executed with such careful precision that the result ends up lacking character, at least if one considers the vital nature of the 2D concept sketches.

The 3D incarnation does not push anything to the extreme, which makes the result have exclusively moderate features rather than something that really pops. Everything about it is good and clean, which confusingly enough becomes its weakness.

It is not beefy, nor thin. Neither ridiculously over-armoured, nor jumpsuitishly slim. Normally these would be good things, but if we push it really hard, it becomes clear that we could also consider this to result in something that is ‘average’. And I believe this feeling is what makes you think you’re not too happy with it.

So, with all due respect (and you know I’m almost never serious anyway) I would advise you to stop being so bloody careful when you’re modeling. Your drawn sketches get a lot of their strength from the fact that they are really loose and relaxed, because you are so confident about your drawing abilities. That loose and relaxed feeling should be present in the 3D model as well. Be a bit sloppier! When you extrude something - do it a little too far. When you move something - move it a little more than you planned.

As for the character itself, I would like to see a stronger V-shape on the upper half of the torso, and a little more neck.

This program was sponsored by Campbells Wabbit soup. Tune in again next week.


yea that’s exactly what I would’ve said, but couldn’t quite find the words , so
I had to wait for someone who could :smiley:


James you never cease to amaze me :eek: and thank you yes you may just have hit a few nails on the head with that :thumbsup: I’m not sure how much of that I can resolve yet as those are confidence issues that may only resolve themselves with time and practice…very valid points though.


Never underestimate the power of the wabbit :smiley:


Scary :eek: :scream:


hey hey hey… piggy dude seems like u got a body…:wink: nice modleing man… wen is the final thing commin up… nice work ur doing… keep up the amazing works that ur doin;) :thumbsup:


I like the models you have here. Hope to see an update soon.


• Hello again, cool updates Brian, Nice details. by the Look of the helmet, I almost can see who is below
-/-- • •–
-l - @ - --l
/ - - - - - _
\ - -
__- -/

  • i___l l__l…:smiley: …:shrug: Sorry


some clean and pro modeling here Brian, speechless:), but sort of:cry:


@ overcontrast interesting Avatar update… you’ve been to a lot of office parties by the looks of things :slight_smile:

@ ace4016 thanks and I’ll try and sit down with it a bit more tonight, I am not actually working, just got plenty of private stuff I have been putting aside for the last year that I really need to get out of the way

@Climax :applause:

@uwil actually the modelling is pretty bad in places, I do not find the mechanical type stuff that easy, hence the time it has been taking me too

Cheers guys



The soldier is moving to a good finish! :thumbsup:
I’d say that the “Wabbit” has some great points but I’m not sure if this is true! :argh:

The only thing that hits me is the difference from your concept’s soldier and the small luck of emotions to that soldier, he looks perfect! I’m sure that you have something in your mind though…

Sitting back and waiting for more!



his analysis was pretty damn good actually at least he has pretty much hit those points that are bothering me