Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


the rest (sort of) and way out of proportion but I’m just trying to come up with a rough consistent design, crit the thing to hell :smiley:


just hope the damn thing isn’t going to become ‘too’ detailed for the composition :hmm:


practice…that and I am too lazy to make it more detailed :smiley:


Looking good pig! :D, awsome scketches and nice modeling too!


Really great sketches, Brian, you are very talented! Just remember to not go overboard with the details when you start modeling - the scene should be “epic” so in the end it might not be necessary for you to spend all this time doing outstanding armour (although I would love to see that soldier materialize in all its 3D glory!) :thumbsup:



looking good buddy:thumbsup:


yeah but then go back to the initial concept sketch, the figure takes up a good half of the image, I don’t want it overcomplicated, but then I think it may look a bit weak if it is ‘too’ simple as well :shrug: …the trick for me is going to be finishing all this in time :scream:


SO…ok …chop chop now…with aal that detail on the guy…hands are full of modeling…yes? :bounce:

Engrish Translator: aal =all


yes :argh:


Hope I didn’t miss much of the fun in the last 349 posts!!! :smiley:

I’m here to say what a great job you’re doing with that character (with of without hands)…
His face kind of reminds me my council member sketch…apart from the fact that he is a soldier and not a council member with a long robe!!

:bounce: I’ll be waiting for updates!!


:curious: got a link to it ??

Edit: found it…looks a bit like a SW storm trooper too (just kidding :D)



:curious: got a link to it ??
The first thing that popped in my mind when I saw this kind of head was this… :smiley:
Just a link to my thread… (see signature)

PS: Sorry, I didn’t post this as a thread spamming… :shrug:


Those sketches are awesome. Both your style and your ideas are great. I’ve been trying to design something armourish for the one closeup military figure in my challenge (not something i’ve ever done before or know anything about),and your drawings just make me cry. One thing: I’m not sure if he’s meant to be human exactly, but to my eye he looks a little short in the pecs.


yes and no, want it to be something recognisable with a few hints of alienness. Don’t take the proportions on those sketches to seriously either, they’re just intended as a ‘design aid’ :smiley:


Congrats dude!! You have a very good hand drawing skills!! I’m really liking your WIP, keep on!!:thumbsup:


:buttrock: Flying… that’s :bounce:

yeah like me, probably I work too much on some details (and not in others one)… but this looks so good



i really like your design mate…when i saw your sketch i thought the left leg was a huge gun or something…and thinking in that i think is not bad idea to create a mega machine gun for this soldier!

good work friend:thumbsup:


sorry for the lack of updates, here at least is one :slight_smile:


oh and the shoulder pads are still very :wip: they’re a bit bigger than in the sketch atm, not sure if they’ll stay that way :shrug:

and thanks for the support guys :thumbsup:


Those shoulder pads looks really good actually… I say keep’em, and beef up the arms a bit to match :wise: So, stop playing with your z-spheres and finish your challenge, Brian…