Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


thanks guys

@HieSpike: It was reminding me of SW Strom troopers too at one stage, not quite sure why, and Anders was thinking the same earlier too, just for comparison though I’ve googled again


Just in to sort of second that it does not look like a SW ST… On a generic level, anything that’s composed of small softish shells will of course have something in common with other things composed of small softish shells… but that’s another story…


what i meant was it SORTA looks like that…hahah lol… i meant no offence… btw i dont have a cam rite now… so here is a image that closely matches my dog :smiley:

keep up da good work mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce: :bounce:


none taken, I was just curious, and I do rather like Bulldogs :thumbsup:


hey thats gr8 man… hey r u just gonna post some updates here or what?.. :bounce:


maybe tomorrow if I get some time :shrug:


Yep,excellent!Didn’t know there was a bar around here on CGtalk!!!And even more the bosses down here in the place,the pig & the wabbit,they really got humor!!!Nice people around and great pictures on the wa…uh,…my screen…Excellent!!!

one beer please!!!:bounce:

Ok,stop!!!Seriously now!
Hé saw you had a 9mt old son!!Great,Gluckseligheit!! !!!just a few more days now,maybe 1 or 2 and i’ll be daddy too man,LIVE and DIRECT!!!OOOWHaaaaa!!!:bounce: :slight_smile: :bounce: :buttrock: :cry: :smiley: :smiley:

Ok,anyway it’s late now,gotta go,I know!!!
Be back for sure
Really great start,Don’t know 3d(but wanna learn)So cant really give some constructif crits but this looks really really nice!!!

MY SpaceBra 2d:


Closer to 10 and a half months now, and he already seems to be smarter than I am :argh:
Your in for an interesting time mate…oh and sleep deprivation :smiley:


• and funny thread also:arteest: :wip:


Looking good FlyingP.

I really like the way all your stuff looks sort of purposeful–as if everything did something, not just random greeble extrusions all over it.


Thanks artemesia66 just don’t ask me to tell what that stuff actually does :argh:
Oh and you need an Avatar mate :smiley:

@Climax: glad your enjoying it.

so anyway, I now have the last job out of the way so I should be able to find some time to work on this over the next few days I hope :thumbsup:


So, you haven’t took a break I see?

Don’t know a lot about your concept for this thread but it’s sure that I’ll stay tune to find out where it will lead!


nope, but I could do with a long one :cry:


hey dude what’s ‘two-headed chicken’ in german ?


how am I supposed to know ?

“Huhn mit zwei Köpfen” just came from my wife though :shrug:

any particular reason for asking ??


I’d suggest “doppel-geköpft huhn”… has a bit more twist to it :smiley:


what do chickens have to do with potatoes.

OK I can can see I am going to have to update before this thread gets out of control again :rolleyes: … although you’ll have to wait I wanted to sit down nice and relaxed with a beer tonight and sketch up the rest of that armour :thumbsup: , in the meantime I am finally cleaning my office :scream: for inspiration (seems to work for you Wabbit)


i needed to name a wine…

dunno any german but that wabbit’s version sounded a bit cooler … ? :curious:


so, starting up again with the arm, it’s rough but gives me a better idea of what I’d like. I am however still a bit unclear on the hand, might just do that separately later.


man your sketches are absolutely fantstic!!!:thumbsup: great job Brian!!!
and it’s my favorite sketching style though i can’t use it myself because of lack of skill…
really great job mate!
keep it up and cheers… :beer: