Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


not quite, but I at least have learnt my lesson…I am hopeless at designing alone in a 3D environment, I find it much easier when I’ve sketched the concept out first


That is why I carefully planned everything in my comp. before doing anything in 3d. It reall makes the work alot easier.////


I really like the design of that helmet! I’m vaguely reminded of the Storm Troopers from Star Wars but it’s still a design of its own (might be just the colour that put my mind in that direction). Waiting for the next update! :wink:

For me it’s exactly the opposite as I do all my sketching in 3D. If I try to draw in 2D what I want to accomplish it always look like crap and nothing like what I had in mind, but if I start “sketching” in 3D it goes much better. I suppose I have a very 3D way of visualizing thing.



:surprised wierd I had no idea you guys had replied, at least no email notification this time…ah well
@WazaR: yep really does seem to suit me better too, at least with complex designs

@Cartesius: strange you mention that with the storm troopers I was having the same feeling until I dug out a few storm trooper pictures, they really are totally different but there is something in there that keeps bringing them to mind for me too :shrug:

I am often amazed with some of the things that people bring out here in 3D with only a very rough or no 2d sketch before hand. I just find the application then just tends to take control of the shapes I am creating and they’ll often not those I want. I use different ways of modelling for different things some of this here is done through subdividing/extruding base forms, other parts loft nurbs, and perhaps more, often working from a single poly as a starting point and extending out from there. Thing is if I am unsure on what it is I am wanting to model I often go down the wrong road.

guess I was just being lazy I should/would normally have drawn that armour up first…there are elements I’ll keep though maybe :slight_smile:


a bit further :slight_smile:


And it’s an update! Looking good. Eyes still look evil, which is a good thing.


…Ok,this is really clean work …now chop…chop…more…and sometime soon i am gonna frug in UT your piggy butt :scream:


I’m working on it, I’m working on it…geez :rolleyes:

and watch out for this little piggy when he gets a flak cannon in his hands :twisted:


OK got the back of the helmet on it now too :slight_smile:
don’t think there is too much left to do on it now


So thought I’d place the head on that body armour just for the hell of it, I may just keep the breast plate although I’ll have to modify things a bit if I want to bring this figure into the pose I had planned… either that or cheat a bit :slight_smile: . I will be redoing the arms though which I was not happy with.


I really like the superhard edges and definition of the head, superb!
I read you where not finito with the torso. it looks ok to me though, just needs some more stuff to “equalize” it with the head. and I hope you won’t forget to make the same definition and hard edges as on the head, love that stuff :love:

looking forward to follow this thread… damn sad that it’s so hard to start follow threads after they pass a few hundred posts :wink:


is looking really nice…the modeling looks very well executed…nice job mate!
i really like the design youre doing.


@fellah: thanks and yep do plan to sharpen up a number of the edges on that torso, the issues I have with it still are not too major and I should be able to bend it to what I want, it was the arms I had on it before that were really bugging me. And I know what you mean about trying to following threads I’ve missed a lot of stuff in a number of them that I am already even subscribed to…big challenge :slight_smile:

@rattlesnake thanks mate, I value your opinion :thumbsup:


that body armour is totally styling man… It looks really cool… :thumbsup::thumbsup:

so many threads… you’ve caught my interest now, hehe


very good concept… remember me starship-troopers… but with your own style, what colors you will applie to the armor?


ohh nice

cool armory thing


totally mean that alien, dude–

very well executes also—


:bounce: absolutely beutiful FlyingP… bravo very nice model and design !!!


Right, forget what I said about Star Wars earlier, this is way better - very attractive design! He looks mean. :thumbsup:



It’s one mean mutha… Very odd in a way, but certainly does the job :thumbsup: