Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


Kinda guessed that… I just love pointing out flaws in other peoples work :smiley:


it scares me :blush:

no the actual reason is that I was sensible and have designed in 2D first, have been a bit lazy on the rest :shrug:


Oh no you don’t I’ve been reading, you point them out in mine, you’re just a big fan boy for the rest :smiley:


Hey Cool Storm Trooper.


That suit looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the final product! :bounce:


Hey, no, that’s not fair! I’m gonna tell mom! :cry:


u always seem to design cool stuff :thumbsup:

i wish u had more time for it


Nice armor piece :thumbsup:

Put some battle scars on it too
Keep up the great work:bounce:

My CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera - 3D Thread


Now…wabbitpiggy …stop fighting Mama loves u both :scream: :scream:

Armour wip…great man…love the design …the finishing round neck need a little polishing i think(maybe it’s the angle u rendered…) Shoulder pad…i think it’s great but maybe JamesMK… the squirell fighter…is right …but i really love the design of it…i also expect the helmet…this …i really wait :wip:

Now as wabbit says some times…chop! chop! :bounce:


sweet armor man!! very nice… keep up… i´m waithing to see more!!
best luck!!
c ya


@ the wabbit: sissy :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Squibbit: yeah time seems to be rare at the moment, seems if it’s not work it’s domestic issues that hold me up :banghead: guess I will just have to stop sleeping :cry:

@Vittorius: I do plan to rough it up in Zbrush later, although not quite in that fashion, I want to make it look like stone or similar.

@The Greek nut with the physics degree: Mum actually keeps talking about making wabbit stew :thumbsup:
Yep the shoulder pad an area around the neck are still very :wip: I actually spent time googling armour last night, just haven’t really found anything that inspires me :shrug:

@D-3 : thanks :thumbsup: I’m working on it…well, actually, no, I’m trying to keeps out of the way of a couple of guys here who are installing a new window to the balcony at them moment…bastards picked a bloody cold day to do it on too :argh:

thanks for the replies guys :smiley:


Guess I’d better change my name to ‘Stu’ then :smiley:


it’s an easy, albeit messy process wabbit :smiley:


ORC armors in appleseed by masamune shirow. The armor design (it’s an armor, not a mecha) is inspiring and very practical. Your helmet already looks much like them.

Keep up the good work! :buttrock:


actually I do have a few of the Appleseed comics if I remember correctly too, might just dig them out, thanks for the tip :thumbsup:

edit: found them :smiley:


Nice to see you back in action here where you belong Brian…Nice start on the modeling,and with your concept to go along with this kind of moddeling this certanly will be one fine entry…Appleseed comics I remember as well…:arteest:


ooooooohhh aaaaaaaahhhh…

looks good


Ran into a few issues with the design of the armour (I wasn’t liking it :frowning: ), so I have decided to go back and actually design the thing in 2D later.

In the meantime I have started modelling the helm :smiley:




Man…it’s the same as in concept…damn… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: