Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


Yepp…we’ll miss you. Kick some arse here, promise?:twisted:

Cheerz and good luck


PS: Awesome Concept and modeling!:thumbsup:


Hey man, nice work!
Design of spaceship is is very cool!:thumbsup:


hey Tommy thanks for dropping in mate, and I have no doubt some arse will be kicked here…it’ll be more than likely my own :argh: .
‘Really’ glad to see you back in here again too mate, love your sketches too by the way.

@ LAURO_MX: many thanks, glad you like it :thumbsup:


no way u get yo arse kicked piggy , no way!


While on the topic of arses, there is indeed a whole lot of kicking anticipated. We’re just not sure yet of the exact vectors… great to see Tommy Lee online and alive by the way… hope you’re doing well, dude :slight_smile:


While on the topic of arses, there is indeed a whole lot of kicking anticipated

hope you are not planning on starting yet another ‘meaningful discussion’ in my thread wabbit :stuck_out_tongue:


Fear not… meaningful discussions is not my cup of tea… Get back to work now, pig :smiley:


going good man

stop screwing around
i want more updates
just kidding
but seriously
people are waiting


Really wish I could, just really do not have the time at the moment…thanks for the support though :thumbsup:


haha… this is a challange… so the challenge is to do it :smiley: lol…
until now you have all my support FlyingP… wait for up-date !



I like the helmet. It looks very massive and ready for battle :twisted: :twisted:


nice work, u need to work on ur polys, yea thats it polys, jus kidding coming along nicely.

keep it up.


actually my biggest challenge at the moment seems to be trying to get a hold of an art director who’s decided to go out and have a nice relaxing day by the looks of things… I’s not a happy pig :banghead: :banghead:


Well, since it’s Halloween and all… the number one scary monster seems to be…




OK just to show some signs of life, VERY early stages at them moment, and good ol’ Otto (the figure) is just in there as a guide to work around at the moment…it’s a start at least :slight_smile:


And we have a start on the stuff! :applause: This is one of the nicer things I’ve seen Otto exposed to though… There’s is usually some more torture involved. Guess that’s why he still looks happy about it :lightbulb


OK for the Greek nut.

an update, not a big one but an update :smiley:


Looks good actually :thumbsup: Upper shoulder pad needs some refinement, otherwise it’s the familiar pig stylee all the way as far as I can see.


Nice armour. But i’m really waiting for that helmet :slight_smile:


planned to do more there, just haven’t come up with something I like that’s also functional :wip: