Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


brilliant … so that’s it then … a bold decision fp

you truely are an artist pushing the bounds :thumbsup:


I’m only saying I’ll think about it :argh:

now go away I’m supposed to be working :scream:


pig (flying) - Bwaaahaaahaaa!

pig (drinking) - Bwaaahaaahaaa!


it’s when they start flying drunk that you have to worry wabbit :slight_smile:


that would be me in about 3 hours :hmm: <— drunk face


wouldn’t this be closer?


aaaaaaahhahahahah … to much :applause: :applause:

& on that note, i’m gonna go … have fun pig and wabbit


yep later pigwater :wavey:


this thread is beginning to feel like a chatroom… lol :smiley: updates!


…and what a chat room… TWO PIGS and a WABBIT…and lots of bubbles…:scream:

…seriously though…we want updates…chop chop Sir (ENGLISH…yes …yes …yes …i did it :scream: )


later in the week…er maybe…got work to do :shrug:


so thought I’d give some thought to the figure in the background which is basically, now all I have to do is find some way of simplifying it a bit o_O. Still working on the rest of the figure but I was wanting to stay reasonably close to the initial sketch.


Really great concept and model.

Will we see more than one of your little ship in the final image? I hope he’s so good. He looks like a little hovering droid.

Continue your great work, can’t wait to see more model.


should do, if I can hold the composition in the final render I am hoping that it’ll attract the most attention… well see :slight_smile:


The guy has kick a$$ helmet man!..the only thing my taste( and only mine maybe ) needs is to make it a little bit taller in the vertical axis…i can’t wait to see u working on this… :bounce:


Not only your taste, I agree with this observation. Now one could of course wonder how much a sane person is supposed to trust the opinions of the greek freak and a guy that frequently borrows his daughters doll clothes to dress up a stuffed bunny and take photos of it.


and I bet you are wearing a sports bra too :wise:

I’ll think about it guys although I quite like it myself how it is :shrug: , apart from that it’s another one of those elements that won’t be ‘so’ visible in the final image (at least that was the plan) I’ll take it into consideration though :thumbsup:


Impressive work !

Designs and 3d work are excellent .


now that is a compliment indeed, I’ve seen your work :buttrock:


hmm yes nice design!..the armor looks cool mate.