Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


lol…but yep I’m having trouble reaching the buttons at the top :slight_smile:


Kind of feel a bit uncomfortable posting this, especially in view of a lot of the great support I’ve received from a lot of good people in here, but I won’t be finishing this this time around, I’ve been down the last week or so thanks to a rather unpleasant bug my son brought back from day care, and one or two thing other things have happened/been decided in the meantime that are going to keep me busy for a while or at least cause me to rethink a few major things next year.
That being said I will be coming back to this later, when I have bit more of an opportunity to make a “decent” job of it.

ummm sorry :blush:

and best luck to all the rest of you :slight_smile:


Hope you’ll be back on ya feet soon. I am sick as well at the moment.
Good luck for your projects right now.
Cheers buddy:beer:



Health and Happy Holidays ! cya later!


Sorry to hear your out. Happy holidays to you and I hope you feel better.


ho hum… unlucky… but stuff happens.

You’re gonna end up with as many ‘projects’ on the go as i have!! so much to do and so little time…?

I hope you and your son are both feeling better. Have a great Christmas and i hope whatever you do in 2005 goes fantastically!!

Maybe see you in the next challenge…?

Keep on truckin’… and flyin’…


AHHHHH…what are u doing taking a pic of me on the keyboard…? :smiley: :smiley:

Hey little Brian…come to Uncle Dimi…here kitty kityy…oops :argh: …er…here little baby…just look at those hands…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Don’t know if it’s safe to expose the kids to those Mac thingies at such young age though… might leave mental scars for life…


hah! a new PC and now you think you can take the piss huh? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Sorry to hear you’re out. good luck with whatever else you have on the go. :slight_smile:


Thank you Janet, I appreciate that. :smiley: and I wish the best of luck with your entry :thumbsup:




FlyingP very nice thread you got man :stuck_out_tongue: Nice robo anyway I wish you good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


neat stuff.


:cry: sad to know that you can’t finish it… so sorry… Your project was really interesting, and until now you did a really wonderful work. Anyway good luck to you and :thumbsup: + :applause: …

at next time Flying…



Yep sorry a few things just got in the way :shrug:


Hey my friend, sorry to hear that. Your concept is one of my favorites, and I
hope you’ll be able to finish it some time soon!! You Must!!!
I still don’t know if I can finish mine but many thanks for droping by and giving me your
thoughts!! Always good to hear your input!!!
I’ll write you a longer email over the weekend :-).

Cheers Brian!


Look forward to it Daniel :thumbsup: and you had bloody well better finish yours I like where it is heading…and I like the fact that I got given my own planet :cool:
we’ll talk some more this weekend :beer:


Just to make sure you’re not getting depressed and potentially suicidal, here’s your special edition WSA (custom version for sucky quitter pigs)


Wahahahaha bastard…just be thankful that I’ve helped to improve your chances of actually winning something this time wabbit :stuck_out_tongue:


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