Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Brian J. Read


Brian J. Read has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: figure update

not really happy with a lot of this at the moment…and to be honest I really like some decent crit on it.
I will however keep banging my head against the wall until I feel it’s acceptable …or I am unconscious


hey flyingp … it’ll be fun watchin you do the 3d thing this time … just had sat hey, wish you the best and get my subscription to this thread up and going … now we just need the killer art :thumbsup:


will do my best swine brother, I’m in way over my head, but It’ll be fun :scream:

have you actually entered yourself mate ??? haven’t found the thread so far :curious: post me a link though if you have or do :thumbsup:


Hey Brian, what a theme, man!!!

good luck!!!


No 2D this time ?

We shall be watching your progress with great interest :slight_smile:


pig :smiley: hahaha… i always start laughing when i see this avatar of urs !:slight_smile:
well i think u should go now in 3d … because after ur remake of 2d machine-flesh… exellent…
gl piggy !:slight_smile:


@ EmpY yeah pretty heavy what? :slight_smile:

@ Squibbit you’ll get some sketches out of me :smiley: , nahh just felt like pushing myself this time Squibbit 3D is still relatively new for me I’m looking at this as a cool learning experience. :slight_smile:


thanks, I’ve only got to finish the thing sometime :blush: (and now it’ll be on hold for a bit)


I’ll be expecting some top-notch concept work here, piggy :thumbsup:


damn you mean I have to come up with an idea too :argh:


ooooooh… you brave man… 3D,eh?

We’ll miss you on the 2D forum, but can’t wait to see what you build!!

Good luck Brian!!


Just a doodle on a napkin will do :scream:


Oh yeah those things are fun to draw on, especially if you’ve just wiped you face with it after eating something like spareribs.


:bounce: :arteest: :arteest: :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun man…good to cya here!


Whoot! It’s gonna be fun! :slight_smile:


heila… good luck FP :wink:



Can’t wait to see your start to this great challenge.
good luck :buttrock:


Such a big 2D artist playing 3D!! You, 3D craftman, be scared stiff, Brian has entered the Challenge. :slight_smile:


Wahahaha I don’t think any of the prizes here are in any danger from me, actually I’ll be surprised if I finish, I’m in for the experience this time, and wouldn’t stand much of a chance against you and a few of the others in the 2D section either Antonio :smiley:


Good luck friend…!!ill be watching u!:thumbsup: