Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bill Carr


I’m throwin’ it in. I had this weekend set aside to finish my entry, but, the gods weren’t with me. My copy of MAX won’t open ( can’t get past the biped dll ), so I’m out. It’s been great, learned alot, thanks for the feedback, and good luck to you all.


for my towel. I have gotten MAX to open, and I’m working on the final image.


After getting MAX back up I rendered the the final backgrod. of the planet and station.
I still have to add the ship traffic and the stars.


Adding the ships, afew more lights on the planet surface, and a few other touches. Engines and lights, and the smaller ships as well. Almost done!


Here it is.
I call the picture Overture because this the calm before the begining. Humankind has expanded beyond Earth, beyond the Solar System, to the stars.
The Systems have built a monument to their cooperation and faith in their future. This station, and the planet it orbits bear the mark of the tecnology of not just the Human race, but 30 others, all working and living together.
But, as with all things…
How long can it last until the smallest change leads to the largest?


wel… congratz! nice done


Thanks markovicd> I see you got yours in too. Good work!


Hi Bill,

congrats to your work and good luck.

You were right about the book - now I´m standing corrected :slight_smile:



Ah well, we’re still standing! Really great painting you did! Good luck!


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