Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bill Carr


I see a lot of detail in there… but your lighting is so dark.
I’d love to see them in a clearer light!


I belive I’m finished texturing and lighting the Central Sphere of the station. I’ve included below a few shots ot he station from various angles, and lighting.
The next phase will be to begin to bring together the many elements of the piece. The central sphere, the outer rings of smaller station elements and , of course, the ships and the capital planet in the bkgrd.
Stay tuned, and I’d really be honered with your comments on the work thus far.


another view.


side view.


a view to test the lighting of the station interior.


the wire of the station.


Another element of the station.
from below


from above. this will be another structual element to the large station. More alien habatation spheres.


One of the last elements of the station.


Well, starting to. I’ll have to fiddle around with elements until I get a nice composition.


I’ve started to assemble the elements of the station as per the concept sketch. Also trying some lighting setups. The planet in the back will be textured.
C&C please!


This will be the background to the ships and station. The capitol planet.


I’ve mapped the planet in the back. Still not entirely happy with the resolution in the lower left. Still need to add ships too. I think a starfield might too busy in the far BKGRD.
Any thoughts?


lighting test. I’ve started to add in the ships, more to come. I think I’ll reset the lights though. It’s a bit too bright in spots. Comments?



Looks really good. Check your lighting setup though, seems abit too bright all around. The bump on that ship is set a bit high too.
Keep it up! :rolleyes:


Thanks BC1967. Always nice to hear some words of encouragement.


Nice job on the planet, but it seems too blue. I think the atmosphere should be closer to some white colors. LIghting should be more defined. As this is a space scene, so a bigger conreast between lighten and shadowed areas would be a good idea. I also think that your objects are placed too close each other. The scene looks overcrowded. Try to move them around to make a feeling of open space. In the distance they also will look good, but will add extra space.


I’m searching for a good angle. Trying not to vary the POV of the sketch, but… maybe these are better.




and another. Still have to comp in the stars and ships. Once I have the right angle.