Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bill Carr


wow, the map looks awesome! only a suggestion: more brightness to the modeling steps images , to view more details

PD: “If that ain’t OPERA, slap me and call me Betty.”, please, letme use that on my signature!


Thanks for the comments and encourgement. I’ll have some shots of one of station sections soon.


You’re a good digital painter. Your concept sketch is awsome! First models and textures also look promising. I can’t wait to see more. When you will show more I maybe I will advice something or crit… but now it’s all looking good:thumbsup:


I’ve begun to texture one of the station modules. They’re the large bits to the left of the central sphere in the concept sketch.
Here’s the first view. Remember_only partly textured.


a closer view of the dock. I was going to just slap a painting on a poly for the dock ( see earlier post ), but I decided I’d like the option to animate the scene so I modeled the dock.


another view of the module, from below.


another view of the dock.


Great concept i like them very much

and this is some really grand scale modelling you did there

keep up the great job:thumbsup:


The colours are great, the mix of oranges is just amazing - it looks really sweet.


Your on the threshold of getting the right sense of scale here. It is missing one element in the “law of threes” upon the walls and the surface where the cargo is set. Nail that, and you’ve got it. (Example 1) It is the really fine elements that lend size to the medium sized, and then larger ones. Keep up the good work.



Modeled and texture the doors for the dock portal. I know alot of this detail won’t be visible in the composition I’ve made for the entry, but, I plan to animate flights through the model so while I’m in there…


and another angle.


adding the habitation towers to one of the station modules


another view of the hab mod.


here are the two towers and the station module. This will be cloned to add other mods to the staion model.


a view closer in on the habitation tower.


good texturing but i think that ur models are to sharp… edges should be more smooth…


I’ve started the central sphere of the large station the smaller ships will fly through. The top and bottom are textured. The middle sections have been basicly modeled. I’ll add to them and use a number of booleans to build the details.


Another view of the central section.


This is looking great! I really like your concept sketches. Can’t wait to see it all come together!