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Here it is.
I call the picture Overture because this the calm before the begining. Humankind has expanded beyond Earth, beyond the Solar System, to the stars.
The Systems have built a monument to their cooperation and faith in their future. This station, and the planet it orbits bear the mark of the tecnology of not just the Human race, but 30 others, all working and living together.
But, as with all things…
How long can it last until the smallest change leads to the largest?


The station, (it’s central sphere to the right ) orbits the capitol world of a mature human/alien confederation. Here is the gateway for coruption, commerce, and intrigue.
If that ain’t OPERA, slap me and call me Betty.
Not really, but I would like to hear your thoughs and comments on the process.
The finish will be built in MAX 6.


Not much opera… yet? :wink:

It’s a nice composition you’ve got in the image at least… colors are nice and moody…and the round station is not too much death star which is a plus… but it’s a bit messy right now. hard to see what’s happening.


hey thats ur concept?.. looks awesome… what is dat 2d 3d? wat?.. man im impressed… wating fro ur updates


Cool idea, I find it hard to isolate FG, MG, and BG elements. Maybe refine shot with fewer points of light and some type of color, saturation, lighting cues, that clearly depict these elements. I like the idea and what I can make out of the composition. Good work. Keep it up.


I like it!

Looks very busy indeed. Cant wait to see it in 3D! Kind of makes me think of the city shots from The Fifth Element for some reason. Maybe its all the traffic or something.

Looking good…keep at it :).


wow looks really busy and wonderfull at that same time…i like it and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds


Thanks for the comments. I agree that the composition is a bit confusing. Being a sketch it conveys the idea, but not as fully devolped as it is in my head. I am goinng for a grand, busy scale with all the traffic. As I build the model I’ll post the progress. Hopefully the composition will become more evident.
I think I’d like to introduce some hint of threat. Perhaps one of the small sections of the station is caught in the midst of some sort of destruction?


This is a really interesting insight into the vulnerablity of the human race!!

I like I cant wait to see it finished and I dig your space ship!


smack Hey Betty, you forgot the singing…

Just kidding of course I really like your choice of both composition and color for this. It looks very busy and mechanical. I can see intrigue and shady deals going on here. The only thing that seems to be lacking (ok two things) is sometype of conflict or change, and the need to follow the rule of thirds. Great start however keep it up!

Edit: Oops just read the rest of your reply and saw that you have already addressed this in part.


Great sketch, great concept. I look forward to more.


I’m going to try mapping alot of the textures for the station as faces. Since this will be a static 3D image I think this will speed things up, as well as allowing for more detail.
Here’s a map for one of the docking bays.


Wow nice concept art, very rich colours -shame it’s a little small

P.s. - you probably already know this, but the above image was put in the last CGNetworks email newsletter - so ROCK ON MAN!


Hey! Thanks to the mods for inclusion in the newsletter!
I’ve got a few more maps for the station, I’ll post them soon. As well as some more model geometery.
Stay tuned.


a wire of one of the ships around the station. a sphereical cargo ship


another view


cargo ship textured


2nd view_the top


Very nice concepts! I really like them a lot. Great start on the modeling. I look forward to your progress. :slight_smile:


a closer view of the inside of one of the fusion tubes ( the engine/thrust nozzel )