Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Where is that cloth topology thread? … I’m really interested …


hello! well, this is the model of the priest, it still need some adjustments, but its almost done, so, hope you like it, and if you see something strange, let me know =)

i will post the (simple) geometry i used to do this this, hope it can help you…

ahh and the cloth topology thread is here, very very usefull!!


Very nice…

I´ve tried something similar with SimCloth and Reactor, but never
got a acceptable result. The clothes were always blown away and
flickering like hell, or they were penetrated by the Polygons below (skin).

Must figure out, what went wrong…

Great work anyway! :wink:


Como estas Bernardo. Esta ultima imagen esta muy bien , seria muy bueno que agregaras mas grosor a la ropa con Shell en Max , Las proporciones me gustan y el logo del estandarte esta muy bien hecho .

Saludos . Va muy bien tu entrada.

Keep going bernardo , you could add the shell modifier to the cloth , right now is looking a little flat.

Keep the good work :thumbsup:


The priest is looking really good!


Impresionante. Not comments. Sigue asi.


hey, well here is the geometry for the clothing:

as you can see is nothing complex, and it is very easy to get some nice wrinkles, i know that i can optimize it a lot, to get more and better results, but this will be a still, so i dont need to be too picky about it, i run the simulation, and after that, i use a meshsmooth, and i start to adjust the vertexes in the intersections, after that i use the shell modifier, and that’s it, if you want to get a better simulation, try to use a higher number for the substeps, it can help a lot, but it takes some time to calculate…

well that’s it, i hope it helps a little =-)


hi Bernardo…

your moving very fast amigo… and doing great stuff…:thumbsup:

keep it up and best of luck!
cheers… :beer:


really nice job here!! the priest just kick ass man!..nice job…no crits…keep rockin mate:eek::buttrock:


that is awsome men!
when are we gonna see something 3d. judjing by your concepts I am expecting something cool.
good luck.


Man, every time I come to this thread I get more and more impressed with your work (and at the same time, I think my entry looks like crap :shrug: ).

Excellent work as always, 3db2. :slight_smile:


The last render of the priest loosk really sweet, keep it up man!


hello!, well i know, i have been too lazy this weekend! i had so many things to do, but here i am, and this week i will continue modelling more and more stuff, so, for now i hope yu like this, and thank you all for your encouraging comments!


Hi! I just discovered your threat today and I must say that all your work is absolutely fantastic :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Can I ask how much time you spending daily on the challenge??


:eek: :eek: :eek: Please…Show us the texture map…Your work demands it!



well, i am having a lot of fun with the hal, i think that it will be a good challenge in the lighting part, i dont know if i will use GI, or normal lights, and the texturing too! hmmm well for now i keep modelling and i worry later hehe, good luck, and let me know what do you think =)


keetmun: hmm for now i dont have a single map hehe, everything you see are only polygons, that texturing will be really detailed, i am a little scared of that but well, i hope you like the future texturing =)

Nomad: i am working on this like 2 hours daily, somedays i am too laaaazy and i dont touch any computers, and other days i work like 3 hours, but no more than that…
c ya!!


hey ! bernado !your detail is amazing ! as alway,
do u use brazil or what?? great image!


monsitj: Thank you for visiting! and the comments, yes, i am using brazil, and i used a little Ps to get better colors, are you in this challenge? i cant remember… well i am going to check, c ya!!


ay cabron deja presumo q soy tu amigo ajajaja pinche clon enfermo va de poca :eek: