Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Should be a really Grand cool scene !


Nice posing and feeling! :thumbsup:
The new guy is looking good too!

gpepper:Should be a really Grand cool scene !

I’ll second that! :slight_smile:


Hmm…is this the final pose? I feel the queen could look a little more downwards, 'cause she doesn’t seem to be looking at the ‘other character’ (forgot its name heh heh). Otherwise looks nice! Ignore me if it’s nothing final!



Shit this awesome stuff here you rock:buttrock:

city is very beutifull

Your charachters are great and i like very much that last posing
great details :thumbsup:

Need more to see :bounce:


Hi! well, this is going to be the final concept, i know, the draqing is not so spectacular but it is very clear on my intentions, i still have a few more things to model, and then i will start texturing… i will make some changes in the sky in the bg like the current orange color, but it can be a lot better. so, there is still a long way for this image but i keep going! hope you like the ideas!


Ho… impressive quality of model and until now the texture are siply wonderful :applause: and i love the pose hehe…

congrats !



Excellent modeling and pose, i very like the final composition… can’t wait to see it finished!!! :bounce:

Keep going friend!!:beer:


wow!!! well, that pretty much sums up what i think bout your work. cant wait to see how the final composition turns out. now if you’ll excuse me, i’ll have to get back to practicing my 3d if i want my skills to be on par with yours! :applause: great work dude!


Simply beautiful 3db2.



The whole scene looks great, and the composition is well balanced… The render of the robot and the queen looks awesome too… Although, you should adjust the pose of the queen… The main part is in her hands, and the way they are turned… that scene is the central image… I don’t get it is she surrendering, willfuly presenting or is she rejecting an offer… its all in the hands! Otherwise… Great!


Great details and style :applause:

I just don`t like the queens “snow boots”, maybe something more delicate will be better… just my 2cents :smiley:

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


Thank you all for your nice comments!!

Adr: hmm la boca estara soriendo un poco, nada mas que tengo que atinarle a como se vea bien y no paresca que se esta riendo del robot ese hehe

terraarc: yes, the head still needs adjusment, but its only a few minor things… and since we will only see her profile, i dont have to adjust too much the rest…

uwil: i will detail more te clothing in the texturing, so it will look better, i hope i can get a nice material for it

overcontrast: she will be smiling a little, now she looks sad, hehe, poor girl… i hope i can get the right expresion, you know it is a little difficult but i am trying my best!

monsjit: yes, it is only a test, i knid of like a lot of contrast, but this is a little too muchhehehe, by the way, great entry! your models as always looks awesome!

keetmun: hmm she will be receiving the crown of the machine empire, so she will be looking at it, it is in the sketch i posted, i still have to model it, but i guess i will put a render with some texturing and the crown in this weeken. so wait a second to see how is this thing going to be… hehe

liveman: thank you so much for your opinion, as i said i still have to put the crown around, but i will detail more the hands and change the pose a little (luckily they have a very basic rig, so i can move them without too many problems…)

Nomad: hehe snow boots, i didn’t see that… but well, they are not going to be solid as they are now, the boots will have a nice material, and i hope they look a little bit less like that, but anyway thank you for your opinion =)

pbarrelas; SuperXCM, Crusty_Butt, gpepper, lelantos, jddog, faridz7, Daniel McMillan,

all of you, thank you so much, you rock, and as always, you keep me inspired and help me to keep working harder and harder everytime i am modelling texturing etc, i want to do my best and break any limitations i have… so good luck to all! and stay tuned, because more and more updates are coming!!



Esta de pelos :thumbsup: me encanta ambos modelos,las telas buenisimas.:slight_smile:

Un saludo Shotta


very nice concept drawing my man… i can c great drama in ur scene… i hope u’ll pul this off really well… keep up the great works… best wishes :thumbsup:


well, what your work so far is we know… It’s obvious that it rocks:buttrock: but when I saw your latest sketch I was like hit by a lighting:bounce: I know your way of working… very detailed and amazing… and is very inspiring… but man! there is a lot thing to be done! I hope that you know what you’re doing. If you finish this… it will simply ROCK.

I wish you best:beer:


:bounce:your getting closer of giving her real…real…essence of beauty! ohhh love to see her even without… :love: go on keep updating man!


Hello!, well a big update is coming, hehe, i think it will be rendered tonight, its taking some time to render, the two characters are like 700k polys, and well, i am going nuts with all the detail, so i hope you can read me later in the day…

i also strated modelling the update to the scenario, and i have some lighting test around here, this is going to be a crazy week, but if i want to finish this i have to kick my own ass, and keep working. so, thank you all for your comments, i really apreciate them, and see you later!!


Well, i have been working on this for many many hours, and i felt like i wanted to see something finished, so here it is, the two main characters, with the texturing almost finished, it still needs some tweaking on the queen´s face, and the hands, i will correct them later, but for now, enjoy, and tell me what do you think!


Hi there Bernardo!
Excelent work Youwe been doing here, everything looks fantastic! Great scene, but IMHO the queen’s legs should be in a diferent pose, maybe more dramatic like the kings or smth like that.


Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bernardo.

Good work man,I can explain in english sorry :D.Carnal buenisimo me encantan las texturas , los tejidos muy buenos , me encanta la textura de translucida de la piel buenisima,El robot tb me encanta, enorabuena, me ha gustado mucho :buttrock:.

En resumidas cuentas excelente trabajo.